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Café-Club, Michelle COLLINS: “The hunt for new ultra-faint dwarf galaxies”.

18 January à 11h00 - 12h00

Happy New Year!

Michelle COLLINS (University of Surrey): “The hunt for new ultra-faint dwarf galaxies”.

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Carlo, Meriam, Mathilde


If the Lambda cold dark matter model is correct, we expect hundreds of faint, low mass galaxies to be lurking around the Local Group awaiting detection. These objects are interesting not only because they can allow us to constrain the nature of the dark matter particle, but also as they are extremely sensitive probes of galaxy formation physics. With the start of the Vera Rubin Observatory’s Large Survey of Space and Time in 2024, we should finally find these ‘missing’ low mass galaxies if they are there. In this talk, I will discuss the hunt for the lowest mass galaxies, the challenges in the era of LSST, and present findings from our recent search of archival DESI-Legacy Imaging. In particular, I will focus on two new detections: Pisces VII
and Pegasus V.


18 January
11h00 - 12h00
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