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Cafe Club

12 octobre 2022 à 11h00 - 12h00

Médéric BOQUIEN (Centro de Astronomía, Universidad de Antofagasta): “First results of the PHANGS/JWST Treasury program on star formation in nearby galaxies”.

The cafe-club will take place at 11:00 am in the Library at LAM and on usual AMU virtual room

You can find the schedule of upcoming café-clubs and the video of old ones in the Cafe Club wiki


Over the past few years, the PHANGS team has gathered an exceptional set of observations of main-sequence nearby galaxies with HST, ALMA, and MUSE to explore the physical processes at play at small scales in galaxies and ultimately help understand how galaxies form and evolve across cosmic times. These data will be complemented by the PHANGS-JWST Treasury Program, which provide NIRCam+MIRI imaging between 2 μm and 20 μm of 19 galaxies over more than 100 hours of observations. With its outstanding sensitivity and exquisite spatial resolution, JWST will revolutionize our understanding of galaxies. By resolving IR emission across these morphologically diverse galaxies into individual regions and clusters, the PHANGS-JWST observations will fuel diverse, high-impact science in the fields of star formation, feedback, interstellar medium physics and galaxy evolution. In this communication on behalf of the PHANGS-JWST team, I will show the spectacular NIRCam and MIRI data of the first three galaxies, NGC 628, NGC 1365, NGC 7496, and IC 5332. I will present a high-level overview of the first results of the investigations led by the team as well as showcase some of the major science questions that we will be able to address in the coming years. With the exceptional multi-wavelength PHANGS dataset we will be able to measure the timescales and efficiencies of the earliest phases of star formation and stellar feedback, build the first empirical models of how small dust grain properties depend on the local interstellar medium conditions, and quantitatively establish how dust-reprocessed starlight traces star formation activity, all across a representative range of conditions in the z=0 universe.


Date :
12 octobre 2022
Heure :
11h00 - 12h00
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