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23 juin 2017 Tout le mois

Mark Swinbank (Durham University) — The interaction between star formation and gas dynamics across the last 10-Gyr of cosmic time

Vendredi 23 juin 2017 11:00-12:00 - Amphi

Abstract : The redshift range z=1-3 corresponds to the era when the star formation density of the Universe peaked, and the time when most of the stars in todays massive galaxies were formed. Galaxies at these early times were drastically different from those locally, with massive, gas-rich galaxies undergoing rapid star formation in globally unstable disks, and the Hubble sequence not yet in place. To understand the physical processes driving the star formation, we need to spatially resolve the star formation and gas dynamics within the inter-stellar medium (ISM) of high-redshift galaxies on scales of individual star forming regions. In this talk, I will review the latest multi-wavelength observations which aim to measure the interaction between star formation and gas dynamics within the ISM of hundreds of high-redshift galaxies on scales that range from a few kilo-parsecs to just 100’s of parsecs. The goal of the observations is to constrain how the star formation assembled the bulk of th e stellar mass in today’s massive galaxies and how secular processes crystallised the Hubble sequence around z 1.

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