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17 mai 2019 Tout le mois

Francesco Pepe (Geneva) - ESPRESSO - High-fidelity spectroscopy with the VLT

Vendredi 17 mai 11:00-12:00

ESPRESSO has started operations at the VLT on October 2018. It is the first HARPS-like spectro-velocimeter installed on a 10-m class telescope and able to collect incoherently the light of up to 4-UTs simultaneously, exploiting thus the collecting area of an equivalent 16-m telescope. ESPRESSO is designed for ultra-precise Doppler measurements and high-fidelity astronomical spectroscopy, and aims at searching and characterizing rocky extra-solar planets in the habitable zone of solar-type stars. The planet Proxima Cen b, which was recently discovered with HARPS, is a foretaste of what may be possible with ESPRESSO, but the high spectroscopic fidelity of ESPRESSO will also allow us to do transit spectroscopy of exoplanets, study the RM effect on faint objects, performing stellar spectroscopy in the milky way and in neighbouring galaxies, study the variability of physical constants, etc. In my talk I will describe the ESPRESSO instrument, its science drivers, and preliminary performances and results from the Commissioning and the first observation period.

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