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16 novembre 2018 Tout le mois

Joel Vernet (ESO) - A multi-phase study of the Circum Galactic Medium in High-z radio galaxies with MUSE and ALMA

Vendredi 16 novembre 2018 11:00-12:00

Radio galaxies (radio loud type-2 AGN) are among the most massive and luminous galaxies known at any redshift. They are found in high density environments (proto-clusters) and since the 1990s, it is known that they are surrounded by massive haloes extending to 150-200 kpc. These emission-line haloes extend well beyond the boundaries of the host galaxy, and form the link between its inter-stellar medium and the intra-cluster gas in the proto-cluster environment, i.e. the Circum Galactic Medium (CGM). They may well represent the accretion flows feeding the host galaxies with primordial gas from filamentary large-scale structures. The AGN is the flashlight illuminating and revealing these structures which play a crucial role in the galaxy formation process.
In this talk, I will present the results of an on-going VLT/MUSE and ALMA study of a sample of radio galaxies at 3<z<4.5 aimed at drawing a complete picture of the nature of these giant haloes in all possible phases : ionized, molecular, atomic, neutral.

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