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9 juin 2017 Tout le mois

Massimo Meneghetti (Univ. of Bologna) — Understanding strong lensing by galaxy clusters with the help of numerical simulations

Vendredi 9 juin 2017 11:00-12:00 - Amphi

Abstract : Gravitational lensing is a powerful probe of the matter distribution in galaxy clusters. Understanding the inner structure of these massive systems is important for a multitude of applications : from studying the nature of dark matter, to investigating its interplay with baryons, to, more generally, understanding the process of structure formation and evolution. In addition, the magnification power of clusters as gravitational telescopes currently enables the observation of sources which would otherwise remain undetectable, at least until the advent of the next generation of space telescopes (e.g. JWST). In this talk I will use numerical and image simulations to review the methodologies employed in current lensing studies, revealing the limits and capabilities of lens modeling algorithms, and discussing how they be employed to determine several properties of galaxy clusters. In addition, if time will allow, I will discuss how simulations can be compared to state of the start lensing observations in order to test the CDM paradigm.

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