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7 décembre 2018 Tout le mois

Pierre Beck (IPAG) - Shedding light on the darkest Solar System objects

Vendredi 7 décembre 2018 11:00-12:00

Comets and most asteroids are extremely dark objets. They typically reflect only a few percent of the incoming light. I will discuss the nature of dark Solar System small bodies based on ground-based observations, in situ observation (i.e. VIRTIS / ROSETTA) and laboratory measurements. I will discuss in particular the case of C-type near-Earth asteroids, which are being targetted by two sample-return missions and how they might (or not) be representative of the main-belt population. Finally, I will discuss the case of cometary nuclei, possessing a peculiar absorption around 3-µm as observed by VIRTIS/ROSETTA. I will discuss how cometary nuclei relate to asteroid spectral-type and the nature of this spectral feature.

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