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3 June 2013 Tout le mois

Cosmic Flows - Observations and Simulations

From 3 to 8 June 2013

Rich new data sets on galaxy distances, from proper motion measurements of Local Group galaxies to sparse but accurate SNIa measurements at large distances, are leading to increasingly detailed maps of the distribution and motions of galaxies. The distribution of matter in the universe controls the motions of galaxies. Studies of galaxy flows on scales from infall onto groups to streams across 100 Mpc dimensions give information on the distribution of matter otherwise unavailable. Theoretical studies are making use of the observational constraints to infer initial conditions and then use this information to generate simulations that increasingly resemble the universe we live in.

This conference will be also honoring the career and 70th birthday of Brent Tully.

1. Measurement of distances, peculiar velocities, and proper motions:

  • proper motions of nearby galaxies
  • HST Cepheid, TRGB, and SBF distances
  • TF and FP distances of large samples
  • SNIa distances

2. Velocity field constructions and models:

  • orbit reconstructions with non-linear models
  • linear theory models of velocity and density distributions

3. Cosmological models:

  • constrained simulations
  • development of clusters, filaments, and voids

This year Marseille is the European capital of culture, many events will be happening during the conference week.
The conference will be located in the city center with morning sessions, we plan to have some afternoons geared towards cultural events.

The conference website and registration are open (link to proceed to payment of the registrations fees will be open in a few weeks) cosmo/CosFlo13/CosFlo13.html

Please submit a contribution for talk or poster on the website, you will be notified asap if your abstract is accepted .

Best regards,


Helene Courtois,
Olivier Le Fevre,
Roya Mohayaee,
Roland Triay,
Brent Tully,

International Advisory Committee :

Matthew Colless, Australian National Univ, Australia
Hume Feldman, Kansas Univ, USA
Mike Hudson, Waterloo Univ, Canada
Yehuda Hoffman, Hebrew Univ, Israel
Igor Karachentsev, Special Astronomical Observatory, Russia
Renee Kran-Korteweg, Cape Town Univ, South Africa
Barry Madore, Carnegie Observatories, USA
Jeremy Mould, Melbourne Univ, Australia
Jim Peebles, Princeton Univ, USA
Adi Nusser, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Adam Riess, Johns Hopkins Univ and STSCI, USA

Confirmed Speakers :

Jean-Michel Alimi, Maciej Bilicki, Enzo Branchini, Matthew Colless, Stephane Courteau,
Helene Courtois, Hume Feldman, Stefan Gottloeber, Mike Hudson,
Yehuda Hoffman, Igor Karachentsev, Paco Kitaura, Renee Kran-Korteweg,
Guillem Lavaux, Lucas Macri, Karen Masters, Barry Madore,
Jeremy Mould, Adi Nusser, Ed Shaya , Sergei Shandarin,
Christopher Springob, Brent Tully

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