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3 mars 2017 Tout le mois

Allan Sacha Brun (CEA-Saclay) — Exo-space weather

Vendredi 3 mars 2017 11:00-12:00 - Amphi

Abstract : With more than 3000 exo-planetary systems discovered as of today including more than 500 planets orbiting very close (within 10 stellar radii) to their host star, it is now becoming urgent to characterize star-planet interactions for such close-in systems. Extending our knowledge of the solar system and Sun-Earth relationships to these quite different exo-systems requires to develop theoretical and numerical tools that can deal with the large diversity of stellar rotation rates, activity levels and magnetic topologies, stellar wind properties and planet’s characteristics. In this seminar I will discuss the recent progress we have made in modeling stellar magnetism, stellar wind and star-planet interactions using 3-D MHD simulations and what we have learned on the space environment surrounding exo-systems.

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