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 Session Kepler-22 b

Kepler-22 b validation session


During the workshop, a practical exercise will be organized on one target : Kepler-22. This planet has been validated by Blender (Borucki et al 2012). There is no doubt about this validation, but comparing simulations and quantifying differences in the planet-validation process will be an interesting illustration to the topic of the workshop. This session then requires some preparation ! It would be particularly interesting if each of the participant can work on this system with his/her own tool, expertise and knowledge, and expose and compare the views on a specific session on May 15.
If you cannot attend this session, you are welcome to send some slides.

Typically, the program of such a session could be :

  • Blender analysis of Kepler-22 b : recall of the hypotheses and results, in all necessary details
  • Pastis analysis of Kepler-22 b, using the same data as the Blender team.
  • XXX analysis of Kepler-22 b,.................. (as many times as necessary)
  • Galactic models : priors on the astrophysical scenarios (as many times as necessary)
  • Evolutionary models of Kepler-22 (star)
  • Evolutionary/structure models of Kepler-22 b (planet)
  • Further observations of Kepler-22 system ?
  • Activity impact ?

All data and observational information on Kepler-22 are available here (machine-readable files) to let you play the comparison game, in order to have a common set of data and only differences in our hypotheses and simulation tools.
Such an exercise could teach us a lot about the performance and limitations of planet validation. Despite the necessary effort to contribute to it, we hope that you will volunteer and play with us !

Information and data

Kepler-22 on Simbad

Coordinates (J2000) : 19:16:52.193 +47:53:03.96

Galactic coordinates : 079.0919 +15.7923

Discovery paper :

PDF - 2.2 Mo
Discovery paper by Borucki et al. (2012)

Kepler light curve :

Texte - 2.7 ko
Kepler data
Binned Kepler data (see discovery paper). Time correspond to orbital phase. Bin of 30 minutes. flux and sflux are the relative flux and its uncertainty (respec.)

Spitzer light curve :

Texte - 1.5 ko
Spitzer data
Spitzer data. Time in BJD, flux and sflux are relative flux and uncertainty

Radial velocities :

Texte - 435 octets
HiReS data
time in BJD, vrad in m/s, svrad (errorbar) in m/s

Spectral Energy Distribution :

Texte - 319 octets
Spectral Energy Distribution

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