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 R&D Optics group

Research and Development in Optics, Instrumentation, Telescopes, Detectors

The R&D optics group, founded in the 70’s by André Baranne, proposes innovations for astronomical instrumentation through the development of new concepts and research in optics. Beside our involvements in the major astronomical instrumentation programs, many R&D programs are carried out in various instrumentation domains. The team innovations in instrumentation trigger transverse links with the LAM research groups, technological facilities and technical departments.

You can download a pdf presentation of the group activities.


  • July-August 2018
    The French Research Agency (ANR) selected the WOLF project led by Thierry FUSCO. WOLF stands for Wave-front sensors for adaptive Optics on extremely Large telescope using Fourier filtering. This half a million project gathers ONERA, LAM and LESIA as well as partners from Arcetri Observatory (INAF, Italy).
  • June 2018
    Breaking News (again): Mélanie ROULET, currently PhD student in our group, has been awarded the best Master of Science report from her Engineering School Sup’Méca. She is the fourth woman receiving this prize delivered each year since 1953. We also congratulate Pierre JANIN-POTIRON who has been awarded the best PhD prize delivered by the French association of professional astronomers (SF2A) for his work done at the Observatoire de la côte d’Azur.

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