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 FP7-OPTICON PSF reconstruction meeting

2-day meeting on Point-Spread Function (PSF) reconstruction at LAM 29-30 January 2014. More information can be found below :

Contacts :
Thierry FUSCO


We have decided to organize a first scientific workshop around the PSF reconstruction activities (WP1.4.5).
Please note that this activity is tightly linked with all the turbulence estimation, identification and control activities.
The idea is therefore to gather around the same table people working on
1) PSF reconstruction for wide FoV systems (WP1.4.5)
2) Cn² profile estimation (WP1.4.4)
3) The interaction matrix calibration (and more generally all the system parameters) (WP1.4.3)
4) identification of model parameters for tomographic reconstruction (WP1.4.2)
5) Optimal tomographic control (WP1.4.1)

This is basically most of the sub-WP of WP 1.4 (on-sky exploitation and optimization of AO) (SPHERE excepted).

We propose to have a 2 days physical meeting in July at LAM (Marseille) to work around the following subjects
1) a review of astronomers (and signal processing specialists) requirements for PSF reconstruction for WfoV : what is needed, what is expected, what is reasonable to ask
2) the various approaches for wide FoV PSF reconstruction. Similarities, differences. Who is working on what and how. Advantages, drawbacks, possibility of common approaches ?
3) the model validity : what are the assumptions, do we have any idea of their validity ? Impact of split between reality and models ?
4) What (and where) are the possibility of validations (lab, on-sky). Access to data ...
5) The importance of inputs concerning turbulence and system parameters.

  • what kind of data (required and available). Are telemetry data sufficient ? do we need external measurements ?
  • what kind of accuracy
  • what are the current plan for their measurements
    etc ... (obviously this list is far from being exhaustive)


Agenda - day 1
9:00 Reception and catered coffee
10:00 Welcome and introduction
10:30 PSF estimation in astronomy Paulo Garcia (SIM-Porto)
11:00 PSF estimation and galaxy morphology Marc Huertas (GEPI)
11:30 PSF estimation and parametric modelling from scientific data Laura Schreiber (INAF)
12:00 Discussion All
12:45 Catered Lunch
13:30 PSFr @ Keck Laurent Jolissaint(HEIG-VD)
14:00 PSF reconstruction for the MUSE-Galacsi GLAO mode. Concept, validation in simulation and on sky-tests using Gems Thierry Fusco (ONERA/LAM)
14:30 GLAO on Mauna Kea : site characterization and performance prediction. Olivier Lai (Subaru/Gemini)
15:00 Discussion All
16:00 A novel maximum likelihood approach for PSF reconstruction Damien Gratadour (LESIA)
16:30 PSF reconstruction for LGS-assisted MCAO Luc Gilles (TMT)/Carlos Correia (CAUP)
17:00 Fast approximations of shift-variant blur Loic Denis (Univ. St. Etienne)
17:30 Discussion All
Agenda - day 2
09:00 Cn2 profile estimation with GeMS Benoit Neichel (LAM)
09:30 Atmospheric optical turbulence profiling towards extremely large telescope scales James Osborn (Durham)
10:00 Measurement of Atmospheric Turbulence Parameters and Implications on HAR techniques Aziz Ziad (Univ. Nice Sophia-Antipolis)
10:30 A Cn2 Profiler for the AOF Aurea Garcia-Rissmann
11:00 First results of the CO-SLIDAR Cn2 profiler on the sky and on the ground Clelia Robert/Jean-Marc Conan (ONERA)
11:30 Discussion All
12:00 Catered Lunch
13:30 Status and plans of Canary Eric Gendron (LESIA)
14:00 On-sky LQG control with vibration mitigation on Canary MOAO pathfinder : performance, stability margins and robustness to priors mismatch Conan (ONERA) /Raynaud (IOGS)
14:30 Status of the Raven science and technology demonstrator Carlos Correia (CAUP)
15:30 Discussion All

Presentation Files

Slides with final remarks and questions here (pdf)

Full agenda with abstracts can be downloaded here (pdf)

A compressed zip file with all the presentations is here (zip file)

List of Attendees : : Scanned list is here (pdf)

Local Information

Take the Metro Line number 1 until the terminus "La Rose".
Go out of the metro station, turn right at the bottom of the electric stairs, and go to the bus station at 20m in front.
Take the bus B3B, it is a long bus, and leave it after 2 stations, at the "Technopole Centrale Marseille" LAM is just in front, a little bit toward your left.


The workshop is supported by the OPTICON-FP7 program and the Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship with reference FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IEF, number 300162.

The workshop is also supported by the French ANR program WASABI.

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