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 Atmospheric parameter characterisation and identification

1-day meeting on estimation of turbulence parameter estimation.

Contacts :
Carlos Correia
Andres Guesalaga


Existing work on L0 estimation have shown that strong disagreements exist on the results, the way it is estimated and its importance in AO areas such as PSF-R, tomography and turbulence profiling and ultimately system design for ELT instruments.

One common approach to estimate the outer scale (L0) is to assume it as a constant parameter and some work has been done towards developing models for its behaviour in altitude, L0(h). However, the results show that no general consensus exists on the characteristics of this parameter.

The objective of the meeting is to gather knowledge on the state of the art of the subject, discussing its relevance in different areas of AO (especially in WFAO) and also the techniques that can be used for its estimation, both for operational and site testing purposes.

Specific points to be addressed :
• Global L0 and L0(h) : should we care ?
• Relevance in :
- Tomography
- Turbulence profiling
- Other ?
• Current models and experimental results
• Existing and new methods for its estimation in :
- site-testing
- operation purposes
• How can the ELTs can benefit from its knowledge ?


#0 - Review of atmospheric turbulence models, ranges of application, break off points, boundary conditions
- Elena Masciadri
- Rodolphe Conan

#1 - Past and current status of atmospheric parameter estimation campaigns and/or post-AO methods
-Tim Butterley
- Andres Guesalaga & Benoit Neichel (GeMs)
- Carlos Correia (Raven and TMT)

#2 - Use of statistical information on AO data products (on and off line)
- Olivier Martin (Canary)
- Thierrry Fusco and Benoit Neichel (Harmoni)


  • Tim Butterley (Durham University)
  • Elena Masciadri (INAF)
  • Rodolphe Conan (GMT)
  • A Guesalaga (LAM)
  • C Correia (LAM)
  • B Neichel (LAM)
  • T Fusco (LAM/ONERA)
  • JF Sauvage (LAM/ONERA)
  • M Gray (LAM)
  • JM Conan (ONERA)
  • Clelia Robert (ONERA)
  • Olivier Martin (LAM)

Presentation Files

A summary is : here (pdf file)

Presentations are not public, but available for the participants. Ask the link to Carlos Correia.

Local Information

Take the Metro Line number 1 until the terminus "La Rose".
Go out of the metro station, turn right at the bottom of the electric stairs, and go to the bus station at 20m in front.
Take the bus B3B, it is a long bus, and leave it after 2 stations, at the "Technopole Centrale Marseille" LAM is just in front, a little bit toward your left.


This workshop has been supported by the EXTRA AMIDEX program and the WASABI ANR program

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