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 LGSWFS meeting

1-day meeting on LGSWFS for E-ELT instruments, with the principal actors :

Contacts :
Benoit Neichel
Thierry FUSCO


The goal of this first meeting is to bring different actors in the same room, and understand if there are things that could be shared between the different projects.

There are potentially many simulations that could be spread over the institutes, and save time/resources for all. For instance, what is the impact with the NGSD 800x800 pixels. This is suboptimal if we want to do the full SHWFS and means either work with truncated spots, or undersampled spots, or use alternative optical solutions to shrink the spots or consider pyramids. Another example are the zoom systems, could we find a common solution for all LGS instruments ?


TimeTilleSpeaker File
9:30 Coffee & connection setup
10:00 Welcome and introduction Benoit Neichel, Thierry Fusco (LAM/ONERA) Intro.pptx
10:00 Impact of spot truncation - Experience from UVic R. Conan (GMT) esoTalkRCo.pdf EsoTalk-2010-03-02.ppt
10:30 Overview of MAORY LGSWFS E. Diolaiti, L. Schreiber (INAF) MARORY LGSWFS.pdf
10:50 Overview of MOSAIC LGSWFS T. Morris, R. Myers (Durham) MOSAIC_LGSWFS_Marseille15Dec.pptx
11:10 Overview of HARMONI LGSWFS K. Dohlen (LAM) HARMONI_LTAOKDO1.pptx
11:30 Cofee Break 10min
11:40 Presentation of DRAGON capability A. Reeves (Durham) DRAGON_apr_Dec2015.ppt
12:00 Canary on-sky test plan G. Rousset (LESIA) Elongated-NaLGS-Experiment-GRousset - copie
12:30 Lunch 1h
13:30 Optical shrink E. Hugot (LAM) Talk_LGS-WFS_EHugot.pptx
13:50 new shack-Hartmann idea/concept E. Gendron (LESIA) LGSWFSMetting_EricGendron.pptx
14:00 Pyramid (based on AO4ELT paper by Fernando) B. Neichel or Célia Blain (INAF) Pyramid_Neichel.pptx
14:10 Spot Truncation A. Basden (Durham) basdenTruncation.pdf
14:30 Current situation on ESO detector development P. Feautrier (IPAG) J.L. Gach (LAM) StatusNGSD_20151201_Dist.pptx
15:00 Discussions All
15:00 Assumption for LGSWFS development, agree on a common list of inputs ? All
15:00 typical Na Profile, temporal/spatial variations, sodium return, spot size, uplink TT All
15:00 LGSWFS sensing concepts - what can be shared ? All
15:00 LGSWFS zoom concepts - what can be shared ? All

Presentation Files

Presentations are not public, but available for the participants. Ask the link to Benoit Neichel.

Local Information

Take the Metro Line number 1 until the terminus "La Rose".
Go out of the metro station, turn right at the bottom of the electric stairs, and go to the bus station at 20m in front.
Take the bus B3B, it is a long bus, and leave it after 2 stations, at the "Technopole Centrale Marseille" LAM is just in front, a little bit toward your left.

As we have several connections from outside, the easiest setup is to use Renavisio. Which means that YOU will have to start the connection.
The IP address is :
Conference login : 722779#
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We have also setup a telephone line - if you prefer phone or if the video is not working.
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Please setup the connection Friday between 09h30 and 10h00. The meeting starts at 10h00.

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