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 Adaptive Optics Tomography Workshop

We hold a meeting on "Adaptive Optics Tomography" a a special session at the Imaging and Applied Optics
25 - 28 July 2016
Kongresshaus Stadthalle Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany

Information requests can be sent to :

Deadline for submissions is next 22nd of March. A three-page summary is required. Please go to OSA’s Imaging and Applied Optics Congress above.

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Tomographic Adaptive Optics has emerged in recent years as a solution for sensing and correcting wavefront aberrations distributed in three-dimensional volumes. Tomography has found applications in astronomical telescopes, remote sensing, biological imaging, horizontal path imaging, and vision science. As a follow-on to AO Tomography Workshops in 2012 and 2014, two sessions at The Optical Society Adaptive Optics Topical Meeting will be dedicated to presentations and discussions on AO tomography spanning these fields.

This year will give particular attention to multidisciplinary applications of tomography holding thus a session at OSA’s Topical instead of the traditional AO Tomography workshop.

Discussion questions include :
1. What limits performance of demonstrated, deployed tomographic AO systems ?
2. What factors drive the development of tomographic AO solutions in non-astronomy fields ? What performance metrics are relevant ?
3. Are traditional tomographic solutions in astronomy (multi guide star wavefront sensing, etc) extensible to biological imaging and remote sensing science ?
4. What new wavefront sensing architectures and correction schemes will be most useful in correcting volumetric media in non-astronomy fields ?


The agenda is now being populated. Three invited talks are now scheduled.

  • Mark Ammons, Tomography in Adaptive Optics : Ideas, System Development, and Flourishing , Invited
  • Gaetano SIVO, Gemini South Observatory, Chile, Wide-field Adaptive Optics for Astronomical Ground-based Telescopes : Science Results and Ongoing Upgrades for GeMS , Invited
  • Tom Herbst, Max Planck Inst for The Sci of Light , Germany, The LINC-NIRVANA Multi-Conjugate AO System : On Its Way to Sky , Invited
  • Carlos M. Correia, Lab for Astrophysics Marseille, Strehl-optimal Kalman filtering in large-scale tomo- graphic adaptive optics
  • E. Gendron et al, Tomography for Astronomical Adaptive Optics using the CANARY On-Sky Demonstrator

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Voir en ligne : AO Tomography Workshop 2014

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