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 2021 Seminars

When ?Who ?Topic
14/01/2021 Zibo Ke (LAM) A laser guide stars wave front sensing prototype for the ELT
(Watch here)
21/01/2021 15:30 (!) Fabien Patru (OCA) Spatial filtering devices for adaptive optique high contrast imaging
(Watch here)
28/01/2021 16h - LESIA seminar Benoit Neichel (LAM) HARMONI : The ELT first light IFS
04/02/2021 Bartomeu Pou (BSC-CNS) Denoising Wavefront Sensor Images with Deep Neural Networks
(Watch here)
11/02/2021 11:00 Sidonie Lefebvre (ONERA) Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) : concept and application to cloudy sky images synthesis
(Watch here)
18/02/2021 Vincent Chambouleyron (LAM) The focal plane assisted pyramid wavefront sensor
11/03/2021 Noelia Martinez Rey (ANU) Overview of the Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics activities at the ANU Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre
(Watch here)
18/03/2021 Anna Ciurlo (UCLA) The Galactic Center in high resolution
(Watch here)
01/04/2021 Julien Lozi (NAOJ) SCExAO : instrument, testbed and system-level demonstrator for PSI
(Watch here)
08/04/2021 Robin Swanson (U Toronto) Closed Loop Predictive Control of Adaptive Optics Systems with Convolutional Neural Networks
(Watch here)
15/04/2021 Alessia Ritacco (IAS/ENS) Constraints of a highly precise polarization experiment at mm and sub-mm wavelengths from ground and space (Watch here)
22/04/2021 Daina Bouquin (CfA, Harvard & Smithsonian) How to Lose a Legacy : Software Citation in Astronomy
(Watch here)
29/04/2021 Iciar Montilla (IAC) The Gran Telescopio Canarias Adaptive Optics system : getting ready for the sky ] (Watch here)
06/05/2021 Damien Gratadour (ANU & Observatoire de Paris) The COSMIC AO RTC platform
(Watch here)
20/05/2021 16:00 Benjamin Gerard (UC Santa Cruz) Wavefront Sensing and Control for Ground-based High Contrast Imaging (Watch here)
27/05/2021 16:00 Joschua Hellemeier (UBC) Frequency-chirped laser guide stars on-sky measurements for a single continuous-wave laser (Watch here)
24/06/2021 Alessandro Fasano (LAM) CONCERTO @ APEX : Installation and early phase of the on-sky commissioning
23/09/2021 Faustine Catalloube (LAM) The impact of climate change on astronomical observations (Watch here)
30/09/2021 Jorge Tapia (PUCV) Optical Instrumentation development :
Plenoptic cameras for denoising and optical systems for biology
(Abstract) (Watch here)
07/10/2021 Rachel Morgan (MIT) Operations Update for the Deformable Mirror (DeMi) Cu CubeSat (Watch here)
14/10/2021 Olivier Hainaut (ESO) The Impact of Satellite Mega-Constellations on Astronomical Observations (Abstract) (Watch here)
21/11/2021 at 5 PM CET Narsireddy Anugu (CHARA Array) New Generation Optical Interferometry at the CHARA Array : Focus on MIRC-X and MYSTIC
28/10/2021 Kelly Joaquina (LAM) Curved Sensors for Ultraviolet Aurora Monitoring from Space (Abstract) (Watch here)
04/11/2021 Sylvan Oberit (ESO) The VLT’s Laser Tomography Adaptive Optics and its Upgrades (Abstract) (Watch here)
09/12/2021 Esther Soria Hernádez (IAC) Adaptive Optics Lucky Imager Lightweight Instrument (ALIOLI) : State of the Project (Abstract) (Watch here)
16/12/2021 Luca Rinalldi (ONERA) Photonics integrated circuits for AO optical communications under strong turbulence

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