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 2020 Seminars

When ?Who ?Topic
14/01/2020 Magalie Maygnan (Safran Electronics and Defense) How to make infrared images nice (fast)
23/01/2020 Olivier Beltramo Martin (LAM) Point spread function reconstruction for adaptive optics assisted observations
30/01/2020 Eduard Muslimov (LAM) Experience of optical design for space astronomical instruments : the view back ... and the view forward
13/02/2020 Wilfried Jahn (Curve-One) AAReST CubeSat mission - Space qualification of active mirror based on carbon fiber composites
20/02/2020 Guillaume Stankowiak (APC) QUBIC : a New Way to Explore the Primordial Univers
27/02/2020 Hugo Joncquière (Safran-ONERA) Deflectometry applied to freeform and large optical surface metrology
12/03/2020 Jean-Luc Gach (First Light ) C-RED 3 : A SWIR camera for FSO applications
13/03/2020 Simona Lombardo (LAM) The Calar Alto Schmidt-Lemaitre Telescope : an innovative telescope concept for wide field astronomy
26/03/2020 Stephanie Behar (Thales Alenia Space) Technologies for space instruments’ structures
02/04/2020 Nicolas Vedrenne (ONERA) Bringing fiber into the sky : status and challenges of free space optical communications
09/04/2020 David Mouillet (IPAG) A&A editorial policy for instrumentation : references and questions
16/04/2020 Frédéric Chavane (INT) Revealing the complex brain dynamics using optical imaging techniques
23/04/2020 Carlos Gonzales (Univ. de Oviedo) A new tool for tomographic control : Combining deep learning with different adaptive optics configurations
14/05/2020 Iva Laginja (STScI/ONERA/LAM) Contrast-driven segment tolerancing for the co-phasing of segmented high-contrast instruments
17/09/2020 Esteban Vera (PUCV, Chile) Wavefront Sensing with Deep Learning (Watch here)
24/09/2020 Scott Will (Uni Rochester/STScI) Efficient model-based wavefront control for coronagraphy using nonlinear optimization
(Watch here)
22/10/2020 Ron Holzlöhner (ESO) Maximum Likelihood Co-Phasing of Large Segmented Mirrors with a Pyramid in the Visible : Simulation vs. Experiment
(Watch here)
05/11/2020 Chris Moriarty (Harvard CfA) Incorporating Software Engineering into Instrumentation Teams
(Watch here)
12/11/2020 Gwenhael de Wasseige (Laboratoire AstroParticule et Cosmologie) Neutrinos from gravitational wave sources : how to push the detection limits ?
19/11/2020 Aline Dinkelaker (Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam) Astrophotonics : Bringing Integrated Photonic Components to the Telescope
26/11/2020 Kelsey Miller (Leiden University) Spatial Linear Dark Field Control : Maintaining high-contrast imaging capabilities on an extreme AO system
(Watch here)
03/12/2020 Lucie Leboulleux (LESIA) Preparing the next generation of exoplanet imagers : From equations to telescopes
(Watch here)
10/12/2020 Angela Cortes (ESO) ERIS : Enhanced Resolution Imager and Spectrograph, from design to performance evaluation

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