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 2019 Seminars

When ?Who ?Topic
28/11/2019 Arielle Bertrou-Cantou (LESIA)
21/11/2019 Romain Laugier (OCA) Reconciling kernel-phase and coronagraphy
14/11/2019 Mélanie Roulet (LAM)
07/11/2019 Taïssir Héritier PhD Defense - Innovative Calibration Strategies for Large Adaptive Telescopes with Pyramid Wave-Front Sensors
06/11/2019 Henri Bonnet (ESO) Telescope Wavefront control at ELT
31/10/2019 Mona El Morsy (LAM) Titan Atmosphere Modeling and Breadboard Lidar Measurement Demonstration 2 μm Laser Wavelength
10/10/2019 Eric Cottalorda (OCA) Image reconstruction with the Power Spectrum Extended method
03/10/2019 Laboratoire de Matériaux Avancés de Lyon Activities at LMA
26/09/2019 Alban Ceau (OCA) Kernel phase with JWST
19/09/2019 Benoit Neichel ANR APPLY
11/07/2019 Felipe Pedreros Mesospheric magnetometry and optimization of laser guide stars
08/07/2019 Ewan Douglas (Steward Observatory) Taking visible high-contrast imaging from the lab to space
04/07/2019 Maxime Lopez (C2RMF / Louvre) Cleaning paintings with lasers
27/06/2019 Laurent Ottaviani (IM2NP) Silicon Carbide-based Sensors for Harsh Environments
13/06/2019 @ 13h30 Raphaël Pourcelot Injecting a planet into a single mode fiber : validation of the HiRISE strategy on the MiTHIC bench
06/06/2019 Elodie Choquet (LAM) High-contrast image processing with Hubble and debris disks imaging
23/05/2019 Christophe Giordano (Nice) [Optical turbulence forecasting and comparisons with daytime and nighttime measurements]
25/04/2019 Mathieu Vachey (LAM) Next generation compact spectro-imagers for Universe and Earth Observation
21/03/2019 Lauren Schatz (University of Arizona) Pyramid WFSing in the Era of Extreme Optics
14/03/2019 Benjamin Gerard (University of Victoria) The Future of Exoplanet Imaging : The Fast Atmospheric Self-Coherent Camera Technique
07/03/2019 Xiaopeng Xie (LAM) [3D printing of variable curvature mirrors]
28/02/2019 Victoria Hutterer (Johannes Kepler University, Linz) Reconstructors for fourier-based wavefront sensors derived from mathematical models
21/02/2019 Nicolas Dubost (Durham University) The pupil-modulated Point-Diffraction Interferometer
10/01/2019 11h Charlotte Bond (IfA, Hawaii) A new wavefront sensor for Keck : Integration and testing of a near infrared Pyramid WFS

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