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 2018 Seminars

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31/05/2018 Sabri Lemared (LAM) [Towards large diameters lightweight mirrors]
24/05/2018 Guillaume Demesy(Inst Fresnel) Finite element modeling of nanophotonic structures : Applications
17/05/2018 Yoann Brule (LAM) MAVIS : Mcao Assisted Visible Imager and Spectrograph
12/04/2018 Ulrike Fuchs (Asphericon) [Design and manufacturing of high-precision aspheres]
06/04/2018 Noah Schwartz (UK ATC) High-resolution deployable CubeSat for Earth observation
29/03/2018 Site Zhang (LightTrans Gmbh) Advanced modelling of diffraction gratings with VirtualLaab software
22/03/2018 Pierre Janin-Potiron (LAM) Fine cophasing of segmented aperture telescopes part1 ; partt2
15/03/2018 Oliver Farley (Durham Univ) [Using of cluster analysis for turbulence characterisation]
15/03/2018 James Osborn (Durham Univ) [Characterising atmospheric turbulence for Adaptive Optics]
08/03/2018 Gilles Otten (LAM) Vector Apodizing Phase Plate
01/03/2018 Elodie Choquet (CalTech, JPL) Applying Modern Imaging Techniques to Old Hubble Data
22/02/2018 Zahed Wahhaj(ESO) Improving S/N in the direct imaging of exoplanets with MLOCI
15/02/2018 Andres Guesalaga (Un Catolica, Chile) An on line turbulence profiler for the VLT’s adaptive optics facility (AOF)
08/02/2018 Anne Costille (LAM) 3D metrology inside a vacuum chamber with a
laser tracker for NISP test campaign
1/02/2018 Simona Lombardo (LAM) Curved detectors : Charatcerisation and noise properties
25/01/2018 Arthur Vigan (LAM) HiRISE : Detection and characterisation of young giant exoplanets at high-spectral resolution
11/01/2018 Benoit Neichel et al (LAM) The AO modes for HARMONI -From Classical to Laser-assisted tomographic AO systems
04/01/2018 Lucie Leboulleux (LAM) Pair-based Analytical model for Segmented Telescopes Imaging from Space (PASTIS) for sensitivity analysis

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