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 2017 Seminars

14/12/2017 Fabien Patru (LESIA) Fundamental gain in high-contrast imaging with the LBTI in Fizeau mode
30/11/2017 Anne-Laure Cheffot (ESO) Risk mitigation for the ELT segments phasing
23/11/2017 Frederic Galland (Inst. Fresnel) Noisy image segmentation
16/11/2017 Melanie Roulet (LAM) [3D printing for astronomical mirrors]
09/11/2017 Olivier Beltramo-Martin (LAM) Point spread function reconstruction at W.M. Keck Observatory : progress and beyond
02/11/2017 Raphael Pourcelot (IOGS) Phase conjugation with Zelda wavefront sensor
28/09/2017 Eduard Muslimov (LAM) Cascaded holographic spectrographs for astronomical applications
21/09/2017 Jonatan Lehtonen (Univ. Helsinki) Determining ground layer turbulence
statistics using a SLODAR-type method
07/09/2017 Roland Bacon (CRAL) Coupling MUSE with the AOF : preliminary results
08/06/2017 Jean-Luc Gach (LAM) Amplified detectors : a disruptive technology
01/06/2017 Isabelle Boisse (LAM) Activities on SPIRou (CFHT), SOPHIE (OHP) and HIRES (E-ELT)
29/05/2017 Noelia Martinez (IAC) The plenoptic camera and its applications in astronomy
04/05/2017 Emmanuel Abraham (Univ. Bordeaux-LOMA) TeraHertz imaging
20/04/2017 Fernando Quiròs-Pacheco (GMT) Wavefront control strategies for GMT
13/04/2017 Anne Costille (LAM) Status of the activities on EUCLID-NISP Grisms
30/03/2017 Laurent Pueyo (STScI) Update on US based direct imaging missions
23/03/2017 Nataly Garcia (LAM) The administration structure at LAM, CNRS, and AMU
16/03/2017 Paolo Turri (HIA-NRC) Multi-conjugate adaptive optics on sky and underground
09/03/2017 Carolyn Atkins (ATC) 3D-printing of astronomical X-rays mirrors
02/03/2017 Charlotte Bond (LAM) An experimental study of the Pyramid wave-front sensor : preparing for future adaptive optics systems
23/03/2017 Simona Lombardo (Humboldt Univ.) External flux calibration device for Integral Field Spectrographs
09/02/2017 Matthias Nowak (LESIA/OBSPM) Keplerian image recombination for the direct detection of exoplanets
02/02/2017 Olivier Beltramo-Martin (LAM) Point spread function reconstruction for adaptive optics-assisted observations in near infra-red
26/01/2017 Yoshito Ono (LAM) Turbulence profiling and Tomography for tomographic AO systems
19/01/2017 Myriam Zerrad (Fresnel Institute) New light scattering issues for complex optical components : modelization and metrology

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