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 2016 Seminars

08/12/2016 Yohann Brûlé (Fresnel Institute) Finite Element Method for metallic nanostructures : Application to spectral filtering in the visible range and extension to modal computation with dispersion
01/12/2016 Issa Ouattara (LAM) A new driving method for piezo actuators : Control strategy of a Fabry-Perot interferometer.
24/11/2016 Eduard Muslimov (LAM) Alternative design of pre-optics for LTAO LGS WFS @ HARMONI instrument
21/11/2016 Noah Schwartz (ATC/LAM) Overview of the ATC and AO activities
17/11/2016 Oriane Mollet (OPTITEC) PEMOA : European Platform of shared ressources in Adaptive Optics, a supporting tool for Adaptive Optics
10/11/2016 Michael Wilby (Leiden Univ.) Focal-plane wavefront sensing with current and future High-Contrast Imagers
11/10/2016 François RIGAUT (ANU) NGS2 : an focal plane upgrade for the GeMS Tip-Tilt Wavefront Sensor
10/10/2016 Céline d’Orgeville (ANU) Overview of AO group Activities at the Australian National University
06/10/2016 Simone Esposito (INAF-Arcetri) Activities of the AO group from Arcetri
08/09/2016 Lucie Leboulleux (LAM) Wavefront control for high-contrast imaging-Application to the HICAT TESTBED
23/06/2016 Peter Wizinowich (KECK Observatory) Optique Adaptative a LAM-ouest
02/06/2016 Marine Ducrot (LAAP) Optical aberrations in the Advanced Virgo gravitational interferometer Output Mode Cleaner.
30/05/2016 Olivier Lai (Nice University) Turbulence Wars : a new hope (very wide field AO and local turbulence)
26/05/2016 Charankumar Godavarthi (Fresnel Institut) Optical diffraction tomography microscopy : towards 3D isotropic super-resolution
19/05/2016 Yoshito Ono (LAM) Tomographic wave-front reconstruction for wide-field adaptive optics
21/04/2016 Laure Catala (SALT) Sutherland seeing conditions and prospects of an Adaptive Optics system for SALT
14/04/2016 Masen Lamb (Victoria) (Adventures in NCPA (Non Common Path Aberration) Corrections)
07/04/2016 Elodie Choquet (JPL) Missed Debris Disks in the HST archive - the ALICE project
17/03/2016 Anais Bernard (LAM) Science in the LMC with MCAO
10/03/2016 Itan Gris (Bath university) Optical fibers in astrophotonics - the photonic lantern
02/03/2016 Charlotte Bond (LAM) Gravitational waves detection and its implications for science and engineering (Journal club)
25/02/2016 Wilfried Jahn (LAM) Towards compact and efficient focal planes : slicers and curved detectors to the rescue
23/02/2016 Paolo Massioni (INSA Lyon) Optimal turbulence phase estimation in Adaptive Optics.
03/02/2016 Olivier Martin (LAM) RTC-based PSF reconstruction for laser tomographic AO system

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