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 MOEMS facility

Since the year 2000, LAM is developing national and European facilities for MOEMS (Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems) characterization. In 2001, we have been selected by POPsud during its first call for technological platforms, receiving funding from Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur council, Bouches-du-Rhône council and Europe (Feder funds). We have decided to develop three specific benches in order to address all issues of MOEMS. These characterization facilities are unique in Europe.

Frédéric ZAMKOTSIAN: +33 (0) 495 044 151

The first bench has been developed for measuring the performances of programmable slit mask, including contrast, and device architecture impact on spectrograph design. Our modular bench gives access to the input and output pupils, uses multiple sources, point-like and extended sources, with a wide range of spectra, and permits to image simultaneously the image plane and the pupil plane. Reflective slit masks (micro-mirror arrays) as well as transmissive slit masks (micro-shutters) could be characterized. Recently, programmable micro-diffraction gratings have also been characterized using this bench.
This bench is in operation since 2002.

The second bench is dedicated to surface measurement with high precision. This Twyman-Green interferometer offers high in-plane resolution (4µm) or large field of view (40mm). Out-of-plane measurements are performed with phase-shifting interferometry and a low-coherence source, showing very high resolution (std. dev.<1nm). Features such as optical quality or electro-mechanical behaviour are extracted from high precision three-dimensional component maps.Without loosing accuracy, range is increased using two-wavelength phase-shifting which authorize large steps measurements. Dynamic analysis like vibration mode and cut-off frequency is also measured with time-averaged interferometry.
This bench is in operation since 2004.

In order to complete our characterization facilities, we have designed a third bench (COL - Cryostat Optique LAM) for tests in space environment, with a vacuum chamber and cryo-coolers for reaching cryogenic temperatures.Temperatures from ambient to 30K could be obtained. This facility is placed under Service Essais responsibility in order to guaranty the reliability and the efficiency of this equipment. Demonstrators will also be tested in this chamber (0.5m3).
This bench, installed at the end of 2012, will be in operation during spring 2013.

Numerous components have been tested in our MOEMS characterization facilities, including tiltable micro-mirror arrays from Texas Instruments (DMD Development kit and DMD Cinema chip) and from EPFL-Neuchatel,micro-shutters prototypes from NASA,micro-deformable mirrors from LAAS, MEMSCAP, OKO, piezo-mini-deformable mirrors from OKO, and electromagnetic mini-deformable mirrors from ALPAO (LAOG;LETI), Recently, programmable micro-diffraction gratings from SLM have been tested, and other components from European institutes (CSEM)will be soon tested.

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