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 Groupe R&D Optique & Instrumentation

Recherche et Développement en Optique, Instrumentation, Télescopes et Détecteurs

Le pôle de R&D en optique et instrumentation, fondé en 1970 par André Baranne, travaille à l’amélioration des performances de l’instrumentation astronomique par le développement de nouveaux concepts et une recherche de pointe en optique. Tout en participant aux programmes majeurs d’instrumentation astronomique, l’équipe mène des activités de R&D amont dans de nombreux domaines. Son activité d’innovation instrumentale permet d’établir des liens transverses entre les pôles de recherche les plateformes technologiques et les services techniques du LAM. 

Dernières nouvelles

  • December 2020
    On-going !
  • November 2020
    Congratulations to Mathieu VACHEY for hi Ph.D degree granted this November 25th for his work on "Next generation spectro-imagers for Universe and Earth observation" !
    Congratulations to Grégoire HEIN for hi Ph.D degree granted this November 23rd for his work on "Optical Segmentation of focal planes using freeform optics" !
    Welcome to Emile KLOTZ, new Ph.D student to join the team this year ! Emile will work on "Dynamical reconfiguration of a network of optical ground stations assisted with machine learning", supervized by Thierry FUSCO from GRD and Sidonie LEFEBVRE at ONERA. Welcome !
    GRD also had its annual All-Hands meeting this month, in which we welcomed all our new PhD students, new postdoc, and new faculties and introduced the team, its organization, and its activities.
    This November was also the formal presentation of the LAM-ONERA Common Research Lab to the LAM Science council and staff. This structure is created to secure and develop their common activities around high angular resolution.
    In November, we also successfully polished 2 new super-polished off-axis parabolas for the Roman Space Telescope Coronagraphic Instrument, with mid-spatial frequencies errors of less than 2nm rms. They will be delivered to JPL mid-December. Congrats to the team !
    Also, the freeform primary mirror of the CASTLE telescope has been completed at Winlight Optics, with an exquisite surface quality (15nm RMS surface error, 6nm HF, 1nm roughness) and the Dome has also been ordered this month. It will be installed on top of the Calar Alto Observatory during Spring next year.
    Finally, a new project has been formally kicked off this month in the team, named ESCAPE (Exoplanetary Systems with our Coronagraphic Archives Processing Engine). This project is the PhD topic of Chen XIE and aims at developing new processing methods for high-contrast imaging based on archives mining.
  • October 2020
    Congratulations to Mélanie ROULET for her Ph.D degree granted this October 23rd for her work on "3D printing for astronomical mirrors" !
    Congratulations to Anne-Laure CHEFFOT for her Ph.D degree granted this October 5th for her work on "Co-phasing measurement for segmented mirrors" !
    Congratulations to Benoit NEICHEL for his Habilitation thesis granted this October 2nd for his work on "Wide-Field Adaptive Optics - from the concept to the science exploitation" !
    Congratulations to Romain FETICK for his Ph.D degree granted this October 1st for his work on "Image processing techniques for Adaptive Optics : parametric estimation of the PSF and deconvolution" !
    This month we have three new PhD student starting in the team !
    Alexis LAU will work on "PSF reconstruction and deconvolution for 3D spectroscopy data" with Benoit NEICHEL as supervisor.
    Nicolas LEVRAUD wil work on "Fourier-based Wave-Front Sensors for Adaptive Optics" with Thierry FUSCO and Benoit NEICHEL as supervisors.
    Chen XIE will work on "Advanced post-processing methods for the direct detection of planets with ground-based high-contrast imagers" with Elodie CHOQUET and Arthur VIGAN as supervisors. Welcome to the team !
    This October 27th, GRD members Jean-Luc BEUZIT and Thierry FUSCO, as well as 4 other French researchers from the SPHERE leading team, received the Great Scientific prize from the Charles Defforey Foundations from Institut de France, for their contribution to the exoplanet field. Congrats !
    This month, the first two mirrors of the CASTLE telescope have been received at LAM, allowing tests and integration of this innovative folded Schmidt telescope equiped with a curved focal sensor. The construction of this new facility is on track, the dome is ordered and the telescope is planned to be on sky in Spring 2022.
    Also this October 5th to 9th, we virtually hosted the Summer School on High Angular Resolution astronomy, with a very good attendance between 40 to 60 students every day. GRD members Benoit NEICHEL, Olivier BELTRAMO-MARTIN, Elodie CHOQUET, and Vincent CHAMBOULEYRON were part of the teacher team.
    Finally, this month important results about the phase-shifting interferometer developped by Frederic ZAMKOTSIAN were published in collaboration with ONERA, comparing different methods for piston-tip-tilt sensing :
  • September 2020
    Congratulations to Sabri LEMARED for his Ph.D degree granted this September 30th for his work on "Stress-polishing of large light-weight space mirrors for Earth and space observations" !
    Congratulations to Simona LOMBARDO for wining the Rising Talent prize for Women from the L’Oreal Foundation - UNESCO, recognizing her work for developing the CASTLE inovative telescope !
    Also this month, the traditional GRD seminars are starting again after the summer break. A new duet formed by Iva LAGINJA and Felipe PEDREROS BUSTOS are taking over the organization. Stay tuned for the upcoming seminars !
    This month, our new GRD member Faustine CANTALLOUBE has published an article in Nature Astronomy about the impact of climate change on large observatories ( This paper is part of a special issue about Climate change in Nature Astronomy. Congrats for this major work !


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