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 Turbulence Profiling Workshop @LAM - March 2017

We host a workshop on "Turbulence Profling" at LAM on March 21st to 22nd 2017. More information can be found below :

Contacts :
Yoshito H. ONO


In the wake of next generation astronomical instruments and telescopes, high-angular resolution observations with complex optical systems hinge on accurate knowledge of turbulence phenomena, be it in the free atmosphere, at the ground or within the dome.
Therefore, turbulence profiling is key to the successful design, deployment and exploitation of state-of-the-art instruments. The spatio-temporal nature of turbulence is particularly important to runtime optimisation of tomographic systems and generally in understanding error budgets or post-processing (e.g. PSF reconstruction).

This 2-day meeting focuses on recent progress on turbulence characterisation, be it for night-time or day-time astronomy, using dedicated hardware for concomitant profiling with observations or not. Novel techniques and results on site characterisation, the production of representative profiles and the forecast ahead of observations are to be covered.

Authors covering the the following (non-exhaustive) list of topics are encouraged to submit an abstract for a presentation (oral). Posters may also be accepted.
• Site Testing And Characterisation Campaigns
• New optical/numerical techniques
• Vertical/horizontal profilometry under weak/strong turbulence
• Day-time and night-time (wide-field) applications
• Spatio-temporal behaviour of turbulence, variability, wind-profiles
• Vertical stratification (dome, ground, free atmosphere)
• Impact of parameters accurate knowledge on high-angular resolution instruments performance, both on-line and off-line (error budgets, post-processing)
• Use of natural and laser guide stars on large-scale systems
• Impact of mis-reg parameters / joint estimation and opto-mechanical parameters

Abstract Submission

The submission and registration procedure is the following :

Send a email to in which you will indicate if you want to
1) register only
2) submit an oral presentation

in the last case please add
1) the title of the communication
2) a short abstract (500 words max)

The deadline for both submissions and registrations is the 3rd of March

Please note that the number of place will be limited to 25 max (room capacity).
Thank to the support of our partners and sponsors, there will be no fees for this workshop.


(Updated March 10th 2017)

Olivier Beltramo-Martin LAM
Yoshito H. Ono LAM
Carlos M. Correia LAM
Benoit Neichel LAM
Thierry Fusco ONERA/LAM
Jean-François Sauvage ONERA/LAM
Noah Schwartz ATC/LAM
Tim Butterley U. Durham
James Osborn U. Durham
Douglas J. Laidlaw U. Durham
Mattew J. Townson U. Durham
Marc Sarazin ESO
Florian Kerber ESO
Miska Le Louarn ESO
Gaetano Sivo (remote) Gemini
Laure Catala (remote) Gemini
Clélia Robert ONERA
Jean-Marc Conan (remote) ONERA
Cyril Petit (remote) ONERA
Anaïs Pruvot (remote) ONERA/CNES
Olivier Lai U. Nice
Aziz Ziad U. Nice
Elena Masciadri INAF-Arcetri
Alessio Turchi INAF-Arcetri
Tony Travouillon (remote) TMT/Caltech
Alexander Rudy CFAO
Szymon Gladysz Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics
Jonatan Lehtonen U. Helsinki
Luz Maria Montoya Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias
Julio Castro-Almazán (remote) Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias
Casiana Muñoz-Tuñón (remote) Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias
Begoña García-Lorenzo (remote) Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias
Icíar Montilla (remote) Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias
Andrés Guesalaga (remote) U. Catolicá de Santiago


Click on the speaker’s name to pick up the presentation !

Tuesday Wednesday
9:00 Welcoming E. Masciadri : Optical turbulence forecast : on-going projects
9:30 Welcoming J. Osborn : Forecasting the free atmosphere turbulence profile with General Circulation Models
10:00 Welcoming L.M. Montoya : Combining night and daytime vertical refractive index structure parameter (CN2) profiles with SHABAR data from Teide observatory
10:30 B.Neichel : General overview Coffee break
11:00 T. Butterley : Surface/ground layer turbulence at Paranal C. Petit : Propagation channel characterisation for space-to-ground telecommunication using ODISSEE AO system
11:30 M. Sarrazin : Preliminary results from the Stereo-SCIDAR at Paranal : extraction of reference profiles for AO instrument performance simulations A. Rudy : Demonstrating Predictive Fourier Control for Frozen Flow Wind turbulence on the ShaneAO 3-meter AO System
12:00 A. Ziad : Calern Atmospheric Turbulence Station O. Lai : Imaka first light : profiling, tomography and self-generated turbulence.
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch buffet Lunch buffet
14:00 S. Gladysz : Nearly complete characterization of optical turbulence with an LED array C.M. Correia : Impact of L0 on sky-coverage with laser-assisted AO
14:30 C. Robert : Measures of the spatial distribution of atmospheric turbulent
characteristics : evaluation of SCINDAR on a mosaic of urban surfaces
J. Lethonen : Determining ground layer turbulence statistics using a SLODAR-type method
15:00 M.J. Townson : Solar SLODAR : Applying SLODAR using Correlation Wavefront Sensing O. Beltramo-Martin : Cn2(h) profile to science targets properties : PSF estimation using the Fourier approach
15:30 D.J. Laidlaw : Turbulence & Outer Scale Profiling Using AO Telemetry T. Fusco : Fundamental limitation of tomographic reconstruction for Wide field AO systems on E-ELT. Impact of key atmospheric parameters
16:00 Coffee break Workshop closure
16:30 Y.H. Ono : Maunakea site characterisation with Raven
17:00 C.M. Correia : Online estimation of the wavefront outer scale profile from adaptive optics telemetry
17:30 J. Osborn : FASS : The full aperture seeing sensor

Local Information

The workshop will be held at Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille.

Postal adress : 38 street F. Joliot-Curie, 13013 Marseille.
How to come to LAM : Take Metro 1 (blue line) to terminus "La Rose" and then take the bus B3B to stop "École Centrale Marseille". It takes around 30 mn from downtown to come.

On Tuesday 21st evening, a social event is organised at "Restaurant La Nautique" located at 20 QUAI DE RIVE NEUVE - 13007 MARSEILLE.

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Yoshito H. ONO


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