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 Technological facilities

Description of the POLARIS et MOEMS facilities

Technological facilities

The LOOM research group is also responsible for the setting-up and operation of two technological facilities, which are part of the LAM new building equipment and directly related with the group research activities. For these two facilities LOOM researchers, engineers and technicians bring all their expertise to facilitate access for industrial or laboratory projects.

  • POLARIS, is an active and robotic large polishing machine (2.5m Ø), dedicated to R&D programs and manufacturing of large aspherical optics. This facility is operated on a shared basis Laboratory-Industry with an optical manufacturer.
  • MOEMS, is an ensemble of characterization facilities, including an interferometric bench, a dynamic operational evaluation bench and a cryogenic (30K) chamber, dedicated to micro-components performances evaluation.

POLARIS facility

Manufacturing of large aspherical optics (using stress polishing) up to 2.5m in diameter.

MOEMS facility

MOEMS componants and systems caracterization, including in space environment.

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