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 R&D seminars

Séminaires internes

Durant ces réunions, nous discutons d’aspects scientifiques relatifs à nos activités de recherche.

Fréquence : 1 fois par semaine, le jeudi de 14h00 à 15h00.
Format : Courte présentation (20 min) servant de support à un échange d’idées.

Contact: Eduard Muslimov

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31/05/2018 Sabri Lemared (LAM) [Towards large diameters lightweight mirrors]
24/05/2018 Guillaume Demesy(Inst Fresnel) Finite element modeling of nanophotonic structures: Applications
17/05/2018 Yoann Brule (LAM) MAVIS : Mcao Assisted Visible Imager and Spectrograph
12/04/2018 Ulrike Fuchs (Asphericon) [Design and manufacturing of high-precision aspheres]
06/04/2018 Noah Schwartz (UK ATC) High-resolution deployable CubeSat for Earth observation
29/03/2018 Site Zhang (LightTrans Gmbh) Advanced modelling of diffraction gratings with VirtualLaab software
22/03/2018 Pierre Janin-Potiron (LAM) Fine cophasing of segmented aperture telescopes part1; partt2
15/03/2018 Oliver Farley (Durham Univ) [Using of cluster analysis for turbulence characterisation]
15/03/2018 James Osborn (Durham Univ) [Characterising atmospheric turbulence for Adaptive Optics]
08/03/2018 Gilles Otten (LAM) Vector Apodizing Phase Plate
01/03/2018 Elodie Choquet (CalTech, JPL) Applying Modern Imaging Techniques to Old Hubble Data
22/02/2018 Zahed Wahhaj(ESO) Improving S/N in the direct imaging of exoplanets with MLOCI
15/02/2018 Andres Guesalaga (Un Catolica, Chile) An on line turbulence profiler for the VLT’s adaptive optics facility (AOF)
08/02/2018 Anne Costille (LAM) 3D metrology inside a vacuum chamber with a
laser tracker for NISP test campaign
1/02/2018 Simona Lombardo (LAM) Curved detectors: Charatcerisation and noise properties
25/01/2018 Arthur Vigan (LAM) HiRISE: Detection and characterisation of young giant exoplanets at high-spectral resolution
11/01/2018 Benoit Neichel et al (LAM) The AO modes for HARMONI -From Classical to Laser-assisted tomographic AO systems
04/01/2018 Lucie Leboulleux (LAM) Pair-based Analytical model for Segmented Telescopes Imaging from Space (PASTIS) for sensitivity analysis
14/12/2017 Fabien Patru (LESIA) Fundamental gain in high-contrast imaging with the LBTI in Fizeau mode
30/11/2017 Anne-Laure Cheffot (ESO) Risk mitigation for the ELT segments phasing
23/11/2017 Frederic Galland (Inst. Fresnel) Noisy image segmentation
16/11/2017 Melanie Roulet (LAM) [3D printing for astronomical mirrors]
09/11/2017 Olivier Beltramo-Martin (LAM) Point spread function reconstruction at W.M. Keck Observatory : progress and beyond
02/11/2017 Raphael Pourcelot (IOGS) Phase conjugation with Zelda wavefront sensor
28/09/2017 Eduard Muslimov (LAM) Cascaded holographic spectrographs for astronomical applications
21/09/2017 Jonatan Lehtonen (Univ. Helsinki) Determining ground layer turbulence
statistics using a SLODAR-type method
07/09/2017 Roland Bacon (CRAL) Coupling MUSE with the AOF: preliminary results
08/06/2017 Jean-Luc Gach (LAM) Amplified detectors : a disruptive technology
01/06/2017 Isabelle Boisse (LAM) Activities on SPIRou (CFHT), SOPHIE (OHP) and HIRES (E-ELT)
29/05/2017 Noelia Martinez (IAC) The plenoptic camera and its applications in astronomy
04/05/2017 Emmanuel Abraham (Univ. Bordeaux-LOMA) TeraHertz imaging
20/04/2017 Fernando Quiròs-Pacheco (GMT) Wavefront control strategies for GMT
13/04/2017 Anne Costille (LAM) Status of the activities on EUCLID-NISP Grisms
30/03/2017 Laurent Pueyo (STScI) Update on US based direct imaging missions
23/03/2017 Nataly Garcia (LAM) The administration structure at LAM, CNRS, and AMU
16/03/2017 Paolo Turri (HIA-NRC) Multi-conjugate adaptive optics on sky and underground
09/03/2017 Carolyn Atkins (ATC) 3D-printing of astronomical X-rays mirrors
02/03/2017 Charlotte Bond (LAM) An experimental study of the Pyramid wave-front sensor: preparing for future adaptive optics systems
23/03/2017 Simona Lombardo (Humboldt Univ.) External flux calibration device for Integral Field Spectrographs
09/02/2017 Matthias Nowak (LESIA/OBSPM) Keplerian image recombination for the direct detection of exoplanets
02/02/2017 Olivier Beltramo-Martin (LAM) Point spread function reconstruction for adaptive optics-assisted observations in near infra-red
26/01/2017 Yoshito Ono (LAM) Turbulence profiling and Tomography for tomographic AO systems
19/01/2017 Myriam Zerrad (Fresnel Institute) New light scattering issues for complex optical components: modelization and metrology
08/12/2016 Yohann Brûlé (Fresnel Institute) Finite Element Method for metallic nanostructures: Application to spectral filtering in the visible range and extension to modal computation with dispersion
01/12/2016 Issa Ouattara (LAM) A new driving method for piezo actuators: Control strategy of a Fabry-Perot interferometer.
24/11/2016 Eduard Muslimov (LAM) Alternative design of pre-optics for LTAO LGS WFS @ HARMONI instrument
21/11/2016 Noah Schwartz (ATC/LAM) Overview of the ATC and AO activities
17/11/2016 Oriane Mollet (OPTITEC) PEMOA: European Platform of shared ressources in Adaptive Optics, a supporting tool for Adaptive Optics
10/11/2016 Michael Wilby (Leiden Univ.) Focal-plane wavefront sensing with current and future High-Contrast Imagers
11/10/2016 François RIGAUT (ANU) NGS2: an focal plane upgrade for the GeMS Tip-Tilt Wavefront Sensor
10/10/2016 Céline d’Orgeville (ANU) Overview of AO group Activities at the Australian National University
06/10/2016 Simone Esposito (INAF-Arcetri) Activities of the AO group from Arcetri
08/09/2016 Lucie Leboulleux (LAM) Wavefront control for high-contrast imaging-Application to the HICAT TESTBED
23/06/2016 Peter Wizinowich (KECK Observatory) Optique Adaptative a LAM-ouest
02/06/2016 Marine Ducrot (LAAP) Optical aberrations in the Advanced Virgo gravitational interferometer Output Mode Cleaner.
30/05/2016 Olivier Lai (Nice University) Turbulence Wars: a new hope (very wide field AO and local turbulence)
26/05/2016 Charankumar Godavarthi (Fresnel Institut) Optical diffraction tomography microscopy: towards 3D isotropic super-resolution
19/05/2016 Yoshito Ono (LAM) Tomographic wave-front reconstruction for wide-field adaptive optics
21/04/2016 Laure Catala (SALT) Sutherland seeing conditions and prospects of an Adaptive Optics system for SALT
14/04/2016 Masen Lamb (Victoria) (Adventures in NCPA (Non Common Path Aberration) Corrections)
07/04/2016 Elodie Choquet (JPL) Missed Debris Disks in the HST archive - the ALICE project
17/03/2016 Anais Bernard (LAM) Science in the LMC with MCAO
10/03/2016 Itan Gris (Bath university) Optical fibers in astrophotonics - the photonic lantern
02/03/2016 Charlotte Bond (LAM) Gravitational waves detection and its implications for science and engineering (Journal club)
25/02/2016 Wilfried Jahn (LAM) Towards compact and efficient focal planes: slicers and curved detectors to the rescue
23/02/2016 Paolo Massioni (INSA Lyon) Optimal turbulence phase estimation in Adaptive Optics.
03/02/2016 Olivier Martin (LAM) RTC-based PSF reconstruction for laser tomographic AO system
14/01/2015 Cédric Plantet (LAM) Comparison of infrared wavefront sensing solutions for adaptive optics.
08/12/2015 Marie Ygouf (STScI) Post-Processing for the WFIRST-AFTA Coronagraph.
03/12/2015 Rodolphe Conan (ANU) Status of the Giant Magellan Telescope.
12/10/2015 Jianxin Wang Pyramid and rooftop wave-front sensing: from fully diffractive model to implementation on an optical bench.
08/10/2015 Melville Ulmer The Athena Mission: The Engineering Challenges of the Technology
25/09/2015 Caroline Kulcsar (IOGS) Perturbation modeling and high performance control for AO systems: from models to on-sky data... and back.
10/09/2015 Tobias Fritz Astrometry with GeMS/GSAOI.
23/07/2015 Sylvain Oberti (ESO) The ESO Adaptive Optics Facility for the VLT.
25/06/2015 Peter Wizinovich et Marc Ferrari (Keck&LAM) How to produce more cost effective intruments?
28/05/2015 Peter Wizinowich (Keck) The Keck Telescope : instruments, adaptive optics systems ans Science results (3).
28/04/2015 Peter Wizinowich (Keck) The Keck Telescope: instruments, adaptive optics systems ans Science results (2).
24/04/2015 Masen Lamb Non-common Path corrections for Adaptive Optics systems: results from an experimental bench and applications to the MOAO system RAVEN.
21/04/2015 Jean Pierre Véran (Heizberg) Recent activities of NFIRAOS-TMT system.
09/04/2015 Olivier Fauvarque (LAM) Wavefront sensor s for Adaptive Optics. The PYRAMID sensor and its derivatives.
07/04/2015 Peter Wizinowich (Keck) The Keck Telescope: instruments, adaptive optics systems ans Science results (1).
26/03/2015 Andrés Guesalaga (Catolica University of Chile) Measurement of turbulence effect based on real-time data acquired by the GeMS system, from South Gemini telescope
24/03/2015 Johan Mazoyer (STScI) Deep inside circumstellar disks: high contrast instrumental techniques and data analysis using NICI.
05/03/2015 Amandine Caillat (LAM) Bulk silica NIR blazed transmission gratings made by SILIOS Technologies for the NISP/Euclid instrument.
05/02/2015 Charlotte Bond (Birmingham) Issues of beam and mirror distortions in advanced interferometers.
29/01/2015 Sabri Lemared (LAM) Design of actuating systems for active deformable mirrors
11/11/2014 Romain Alata (LAM) Calculation and fabrication of digital holograms with MOEMS
09/01/2014 Xin Wang (LAM) Zoom system design with active optic for HARMONI instrument
04/12/2013 Carlos Correia (Porto University) Modelling adaptive-optics for wide-field and high-contrast imaging systems on ELT-sized telescopes
28/11/2013 Eddy Rakotonimbahy (LAM) FISICA Nanosat project
15/11/2013 14h Pierre Bourget (ESO) adaptive phase mask coronagraph with amplitude and phase modulation for high dynamic range synchronous detection: APM² coronagraph
03/10/2013 14h Baptiste Paul (LAM) COFFEE: focal plane wavefront sensing for exoplanets imaging
19/09/2013 Marie Laslandes (LAM) Toward large space active telescope: cube-sat demonstrators
01/07/2013 13h30 Mael Vignaux (LAM) Pyramid wavefront sensor
13/06/2013 Arthur Vigan (LAM) Apodization for high contrast spectroscopy
23/05/2013 Aissa Jolivet (LAM) ZELDA: Phase mask wavefront sensor
21/02/2013 Amandine Caillat (LAM) PERSEE: a nulling interferometer for exoplanet’s spectroscopy
31/01/2013 Johan Floriot (LAM) ELT M1 segment : stress polishing demonstrator
13/12/2012 Sebastien Vives (LAM) PFS-SUMIRE instrument description
23/05/2012 16h30 Christophe Bonneville (Resolution Spectra System) Very high resolution spectrometry: SWIFTS technology
14/05/2012 Manal Chebbo (LAM) AO simulation tools: state of the art and a new E2E-S
27/04/2012 Issa Ouattara (LAM) New generation Fabry-Perot controlling
30/03/2012 Serge Meimon (ONERA) Caractérisation fine des mouvements et aberrations oculaires pour l’imagerie rétinienne par optique adaptative : premiers résultats expérimentaux
09/03/2012 Amélie Parisot (ONERA) Wide field OA: experimental demonstration on HOMER test bench
24/02/2012 Manal Chebbo (LAM) Adaptive optics with artificial guide star: Cône effect correction, filtering and coupling between LGS/NGS
27/01/2012 Emily Brageot (LAM) Détecteurs micro-bolométriques non refroidis : Application pour une mission spatiale vers les petits corps du système solaire
16/12/2011 Sebastien Vives (LAM) Slicing SLICERS: recent (or less recent) developments
02/12/2011 Delphine Dumas (CEA-LETI) Developments of curved detectors
18/11/2011 Nicolas Rousselet (LAM) Optomechanical optimization with SigFit/Nastran
04/11/2011 Florent Marmol (CPPM) Caracterisation of an InfraRed detector for the EUCLID mission
14/10/2011 Clément Escolle (LAM) METIS: analysis of a new solar coronograph concept
30/09/2011 Kacem El Hadi (LAM) LAM Adaptive Optics Test bench: first results
24/06/2011 Marion Mas (LESIA) Self-Coherent Camera: focal plane wave-front sensor - laboratory demonstrator
10/06/2011 Brice Le Roux (LAM) LAM Adaptive Optics Test bench: Goals
20/05/2011 Mamadou N’Diaye (LAM) Last improvments in coronography
06/05/2011 Silvio Mazzanti (LAM) VCM pressure regulation
22/04/2011 David Le Mignant (LAM) Adaptive optics at Keck and study of post-AGB objects
08/04/2011 Kjetil Dohlen (LAM) Integration and Testing of Sphere/IRDIS
25/03/2011 Frederic Zamkotsian (LAM) Micro-mirrors for future MOS
11/03/2011 Morgan Gray (LAM) Bernstein polynomials and ETKF
25/02/2011 Marie Laslandes (ALM) COMSA: new concept of deformable mirrors
18/02/2011 Zalpha Challita (LAM) Extreme aspherical surfaces

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