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 Groupe R&D Optique & Instrumentation

Recherche et Développement en Optique, Instrumentation, Télescopes et Détecteurs

Le pôle de R&D en optique et instrumentation, fondé en 1970 par André Baranne, travaille à l’amélioration des performances de l’instrumentation astronomique par le développement de nouveaux concepts et une recherche de pointe en optique. Tout en participant aux programmes majeurs d’instrumentation astronomique, l’équipe mène des activités de R&D amont dans de nombreux domaines. Son activité d’innovation instrumentale permet d’établir des liens transverses entre les pôles de recherche les plateformes technologiques et les services techniques du LAM. 

Dernières nouvelles

  • June 2019
    As you can see, GRD has a new logo ! After a productive brainstorming session wihtin the group and a hudge effort by Grégoire HEIN to design it, this new logo is now officially in use.
    From the 8th to 15th of June, a large part of GRD has been participating to the AO4ELT6 conference in Quebec. With about 300 people attending, the AO4ELT conference series has become the major conference in the field of Adaptive Optics. This year, LAM and the GRD was particularly well represented with : one co-chair of the conference, one member of the SOC, 8 contributing talks, collaboration in more than 20% of all the contributions. As a consequence, Marseille has been selected to organize AO4ELT7, in 2021 !
    Finally, several visitors are expected in July, with : Prof. Ewan Douglas from Steward Observatory / University of Arizona, to work with Elodie Choquet on CDEEP, a small coronagraphic mission concept ; Felipe Pedredro, from Helmotlz Institute (Mainz), to work on Laser Guide Stars ; Jonatan Lehtonen, from Helsinki University, on turbulence profiling, and collaborates with our AO experts on non-Kolmogorov optical turbulence, in particular related to dome seeing.
  • May 2019
    3rd-year PhD student Taissir HERITIER has returned to LAM to complete his PhD program after 2.5 years spent in collaboration with ESO, ONERA, and INAF. Welcome back !
    We also had the visit of a team from University of Padova to test new concepts of wavefront sensors adapted for Laser Guide Star AO on our LOOPS testbed, with the help of Pierre JANIN-POTIRON. A productive collaboration that will be continued with more tests here at LAM.
    GRD members Thierry FUSCO, Benoit NEICHEL, Yoann BRULE, Frederic ZAMKOTSIAN participated to the MAVIS busy week in Asiago. This 3rd generation VLT instrument concept is moving forward in its phase A design study.
    The start-up CURVE-ONE, out of the ERC ICARUS, was presenting the curved sensors at the Viva Tech exhibition in Paris this month. More than 9000 startups were presented. CURVE-ONE was part of the CNRS booth together with 7 other start-ups, giving us a quite good visibility.
    GRD member Eduard MUSLIMOV successfully defended his Habilitation Thesis from Kazan National Research Technical University in Russia last week. Congratulations to him !


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