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 Groupe R&D Optique & Instrumentation

Recherche et Développement en Optique, Instrumentation, Télescopes et Détecteurs

Le pôle de R&D en optique et instrumentation, fondé en 1970 par André Baranne, travaille à l’amélioration des performances de l’instrumentation astronomique par le développement de nouveaux concepts et une recherche de pointe en optique. Tout en participant aux programmes majeurs d’instrumentation astronomique, l’équipe mène des activités de R&D amont dans de nombreux domaines. Son activité d’innovation instrumentale permet d’établir des liens transverses entre les pôles de recherche les plateformes technologiques et les services techniques du LAM. 

Dernières nouvelles

  • September 2019
    Our team had its first GRD days this month, at OHP. It was a great opportunity for many member of the group to review and discuss the organization and operation of the group in an off-site environment.
    This month we will also have the visit of Mojtaba Taheri, PhD student at University of Victoria, working on instrumentation and fine analysis of astrometry from AO data with J.P Veran. He will be working on the LOOPS bench with Pierre and Vincent, to implement a second SLM and perform tests on new type of Wave-Front Sensors.
  • August 2019
    This month we had the departure of two GRD membersr : Yoann BRULE has ended his 2-year postdoc on the design and simulation of the AO systems of the VLT-MAVIS instrument concept, leaving for new horizons for his career. Raphaël POURCELOT, 3-year apprentice at LAM from SupOptique who worked on the development of the MITHIC testbed and on a fiber injection system for the HiRISE project, is now starting a PhD thesis at the Lagrange Lab at the Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur.
    Also this month, the final report of the LUVOIR design study commanded by NASA for the 2020 Decadal Survey has been released. LAM has contributed both with Marc FERRARI as CNES representative to the STDT, and with Jean-Claude Bouret as co-PI of the POLLUX instrument, with Eduard MUSLIMOV and Simona LOMBARDO as designers.
    Finally, the Meso-Cortex project, on the development of new optical systems using curved detector for high resolution and wide-field imaging of primates cortex, was kicked-off this month at INT. This project funded by an H2020 ATTRACT and a CNRS 80 PRIME grants will strengthen our collaboration with INT and with partners ONERA and the start-up Curve-One. In this framework, new research engineer Manon BOURBOUSSON just started this month at LAM in the team and at Service Optique. Welcome !
  • July 2019
    The ANR project APPLY led by Benoit NEICHEL on post-AO PSF reconstruction has been selected by the ANR committee. The program will start next January with funding resources for 4 years. Congrats to the team !
    Also this July 16-18th, the two sub-systems SCAO and High-Contrast Module of the ELT-HARMONI instruments have successfully passed their Critical Design Review. Congrats to the team for this critical milestone !
    This month we also had new results on the LOOPS testbed, using a second SLM to simulate atmospheric turbulence with adjustable parameters in the optical path. The new SLM was characterized and implemented in the testbed by Pierre JANIN-POTIRON, who then successfully closed the AO loop with a flattened 4-faces pyramid wavefront sensor and a turbulence generated by the new SLM. More to come soon with another, permanent, SLM component !


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