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 R&D Optics group

Research and Development in Optics, Instrumentation, Telescopes, Detectors

The R&D optics group, founded in the 70’s by André Baranne, proposes innovations for astronomical instrumentation through the development of new concepts and research in optics. Beside our involvements in the major astronomical instrumentation programs, many R&D programs are carried out in various instrumentation domains. The team innovations in instrumentation trigger transverse links with the LAM research groups, technological facilities and technical departments.

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  • April 2019
    After 6 months of very productive work at GRD, Lauren Schatz is sadly going back to University of Arizona to complete her PhD. She did an impressive amount of work here on the LOOPS testbed to implement, characterize and demonstrate wavefront sensing with a 3-sided pyramid WFS.
    The fifth First Light Imaging camera, a C-RED2 model, has been successfully integrated to the SCExAO instrument on Subaru telescope, showing its first images of Neptune. Using state-of-the-art technologies, among which Jean-Luc Gach’s First Light Imaging cameras, SCExAO is one of the leading instrument for high-contrast imaging techniques.
  • March 2019
    Thierry Fusco has been promoted Research Director ONERA. Congrats!
    Our interdisciplinary project with INT on wide-field cortex imaging using curved detector and active correction has been awarded a 80 Prime CNRS program and a H2020 ATTRACT grant for breakthrough technology concepts. This again demonstrate our group’s leadership in the field!
    We had several visitors this month in the group: Jean-Pierre Veran (Herzberg Institute Astrophysics), Benjamin Gerard (University of Victoria), and Mamadou N’Diaye (Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur).
    We also organized and hosted the AO4ASTRO workshop this month, chaired by Olivier Beltramo-Martin. This very succesfull meeting gathered about 60 AO, image processing, and data interpretation specialists and triggered many fruitful discussions.
    Good representation of our group at the Thales Aliena Space PhD Days, where Kelly Joaquina, Loïc Barbot, Vincent Chambouleyron, and Grégoire Hein presented their work!

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