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MOSAIC (Multi-Object Spectrograph for Astrophysics, Intergalactic-medium studies and Cosmology) is one of the first generation instruments of the European Extremely Large Telescope.


  • The contract for the preliminary design phase has been signed by ESO and CNRS/INSU on March 18th 2016
  • The project is currently in its Phase A Study (till March 2018)
  • MOSAIC Timeline
    MOSAIC Timeline


Resulting from a grouping of OPTIMOS-EVE (with fibers) and EAGLE ( with Integral Field Unit and adaptive optics) concepts and operating in the infrared, the ELT/MOS will use the full resolution of a 39 m telescope combined with and Adaptive Optics correction for a sensitivity never reached previously.

Overview of the conceptual mechanical design for MOSAIC

With such characteristics (several multiplex possibilities, high spatial resolution), MOSAIC will be the world’s most performing instrument to solve numerous questions of astronomy and cosmology, so allowing different studies such as for example :

  • The halo of the Milky Way and its satellites,
  • The stellar populations in the close galaxies with a detailed analysis,
  • The observations of the first structures of the Universe for its period of re-ionization,
  • The distribution and the evolution of the bright and dark matter in all the spatial scales,
  • The physics of the formation and the evolution of the extrasolar planets

MOSAIC for the ELT : A gigantic step into the deep universe


LAM will be mainly responsible for the AIT Workpackage (Kjetil Dohlen, Kacem El Hadi and David Le Mignant). There will be also a contribution to the AO HMM (Adaptive Optics High Multiplex Mode) Workpackage from ONERA/LAM (Thierry Fusco, Carlos Correia and Benoit Neichel).

View of MOSAIC in the LAM integration hall


The consortium gathers more than 25 institutes and 10 countries, including a Brazilian participation.

Main partnersInstitutes
France Obs. Paris, LAM, IRAP Toulouse
United-Kingdom STFC-UK ATC, Oxford Univ, Durham Univ., RAL Space
Netherlans Amsterdam Univ., NOVA
Brasil IAG Sao Paulo, LNA Itajuba
Germany AIP Potsdam
Associate partnersInstitutes
Finland Helsinki Univ.
Sweeden Stockholm Univ.
Spain Madrid Computense Univ., Granda Univ.
Italy INAF-Roma
Portugal IA Lisbon Univ.

MOSAIC team : François Hammer, Pascal Jagourel (Observatoire de Paris), Chris Evans (UK-ATC, Edinburgh), Mathieu Puech (Observatoire de Paris), Gavin Dalton (RAL & Oxford Univ.), Myriam Rodrigues (Observatoire de Paris), Ewan Fitzsimons (UK-ATC, Edinburgh), Simon Morris (Durham Univ.), Beatriz Barbuy (IAG, Sao Paulo), Jean-Gabriel Cuby (LAM, Marseille), Lex Kaper (Amsterdam Univ.), Martin Roth (AIP, Potsdam), Gérard Rousset (Observatoire de Paris), Richard Myers (Durham Univ.), Olivier Le Fèvre (LAM, Marseille), Alexis Finogenov (Helsinki Univ.), Bruno Castilho (LAN, Itajuba), Goran Ostlin (Stockholm Univ.), Jesus Gallego (Madrid, Computense Univ.), Iglesias-Paramo (IAA, Spain), Fabrizio Fiore (Roma Observatory), Bodo Ziegler (Vienna Univ.), Jose Afonso (Lisboa Univ.), Marc Dubbledam (Durham Univ.), Marc Close (Durham Univ.), Phil Parr Burman (UK-ATC), Tim Morris (Durham Univ.), Fanny Chemla (Observatoire de Paris), Fatima De Frondat (Observatoire de Paris), Andreas Kelz (AIP, Potsdam), Isabelle Guinouard (Observatoire de Paris), Ian Lewis (Oxford Univ.), Kevin Middleton (RALSPACE, Oxford), Ramon Navarro (NOVA), Marie Larrieu (IRAP, Toulouse), Johan Pragt (NOVA), Annemieke Janssen (NOVA), Kjetil Dohlen (LAM, Marseille), Kacem El Hadi (LAM, Marseille), Yanbin Yang (Observatoire de Paris), Sylvestre Taburet (Observatoire de Paris), Mickael Frotin (Observatoire de Paris), Claire Bouillet (Observatoire de Paris).

Others links for more information about MOSAIC :

Kacem El Hadi / Update : Januray 10th 2018

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