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HARMONI (High Angular Resolution - Monolithic - Optical and Near-infrared - Integral field spectrograph) is one of the first-light instrument for the ESO-European Extremely Large Telescope.


• Harmoni contract signature by ESO and consortium : September 22th 2015
• HARMONI PDR : Review 1 in November and Review 2 in December 2017

Harmoni timeline


HARMONI is an integral field spectrograph operating at the visible and near-infrared spectral range (0.5–2.4 µm), with mid (R=4000) and high spectral resolution (R=20000), covering a low fiel of view (1-10 arcsec) with a spatial sampling between 4 and 40 milliarcsec and providing 30 000 spectra per exposure .

HARMONI is designed with the use of different adaptive optics systems (SCAO, GLAO and LTAO). With such a characteristics, HARMONI for the E-ELT represents the equivalent of SIFONI for the VLT. HARMONI will benefit from a spectacular gain with the collecting power of a 39 m telescope and high spatial resolution which will make possible a deep observation of astrophysical objects such as, for example, the active noyaux of galaxies, the supermassive black-holes supermassifs up to z=2 and galaxies (primordiales) with z>7.

For more informations, see science operation page :


Harmoni optomechanical design


The LAM/ONERA team has the responsibility of the SCAO and LTAO (up to PDR) modules for HARMONI. The High-Contrast module, although driven by its collaborators at IPAG, is also under LAM responsibility.

LGS WFS optomechanical design showing 6 LGS modules


Harmoni is a consortium gathering 10 european institutes (from United Kingdom, France and Spain) working in collaboration with ESO.

PartnerAssociate PartnerResponsibilities
University of Oxford STFC – RAL Space Spectrographs & Obs. Prep
STFC – UK ATC Edinburgh Univ. of Durham Cryostat, AIV, Rotator, LTAO
IAC, Tenerife Pre-optics & Electronics
CSIC – CAB (INTA), Madrid Calibration & Secondary guiding
CRAL, Lyon IPAG IFU & Software
LAM, Marseille ONERA, IPAG SCAO, LTAO, High Contrast
ESO, Munich Detectors

LAM/ONERA/IPAG : Carlos Correia, Kjetil Dohlen, Kacem El Hadi, Benoit Epinat, Emmanuel Hugot, Marc Llored, Benoit Neichel, Sandrine Pascal, Céline Péroux, Arthur Vigan, Pascal Vola, Léonardo Blanco, Thierry Fusco, Jean-Francois Sauvage, Alexis Carlotti, Christophe Vérinaud.
CRAL/IPAG : Roland Bacon, Jérémy Blaizot, Didier Boudon, Eric Daguise, Aurélien Jarno, Florence Laurent, Magali Loupias, Jean-Emmanuel Migniau, Arlette Pecontal, Laure Piqueras, Alban Remillieux, Edgard Renault, Johan Richard.
University of Oxford/ RAL Space : Niranjan Thatte, Fraser Clarke, Matthias Tecza, Kieran O’Brien, James Lynn, Ryan Houghton, Vanessa Ferraro-Wood, Rigopoulou Dimitra, Lee Martin, Rogers Kevin, Ian Toch.
UK ATC/Durham Univ. : Born Andy, Ian Bryson, Chris Evans, Angus Gallie, David Henry, David Lunney, Dave Melotte, David Montgomery, Lynn Ritchie, Hermine Schnetler, Noah Schwartz, William Taylor. Tim Morris, Richard Myers, Mark Swinbank
IAC : Giuseppina Battaglia, Begoña Garcia-Lorenzo, José Vicente Gigante Ripoll, Elvio Hernandez Suarez, José Miguel Herreros, Evencio Mediavilla, José Luis Rasilla Refael Rebolo, Luis Fernando Rodriguez Ramos.
CAB (INTA CSIC) : Santiago Arribas, Javier Piqueras Lopez, Montserrat Villar-Martin
ESO : Gert Finger, Peter Hammersley, Derek Ives, Joël Vernet, Gérard Zins.

Others links for more information about HARMONI :

Kacem El Hadi / Update : October 14th 2016

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