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 Concerto is travelling to Chile

Publication date : 9 March 2021

The CONCERTO instrument started its long trip to the high site of the APEX telescope on March, the 1rst. Installation at the telescope is foreseen to begin on April the 6th, followed by a short commissioning period that should end early June.

CONCERTO is a new spectrometer to map in 3-D the intensity due to line emission, a technique known as Intensity Mapping. Capitalizing on a recent technology breakthrough, CONCERTO will measure the 3-D fluctuations of the atomic Carbon [CII] line at redshifts z>5, a crucial period in star formation history. CONCERTO aims to answer the questions of whether dusty star-formation contributes to early galaxy evolution, and whether dusty galaxies play an important role in sha- ping cosmic reionization. The dedicated [CII] survey will provide a spatial spectral data cube in which intensity is mapped as a function of sky position and frequency. The 3-D fluctuations are then studied in Fourier space with the help of power spectra. The survey will also be sensitive to carbon monoxide (CO) fluctuations at z<2, providing a unique opportunity to investigate the star formation and gas content of galaxies at lower redshift.

CONCERTO is a large field-of-view instrument, operating in the range 130-310 GHz from the APEX 12-m telescope (5100 m above sea level). It is a fast mapping, low-resolution spectrometer based on the Fourier Transform Spectrometer (FTS) technique, coupled to lumped element kinetic inductance detectors (LEKID). Two 2k-pixel arrays of LEKID are mounted inside a 0.1K base-temperature di- lution cryostat, that also contains the cold optics and the front-end electronics. Thanks to its design, CONCERTO can bring, in addition to the main [CII] survey, a significant contribution in a number of areas including the study of galaxy clusters (via the thermal and kinetic SZ effect), the follow-up of Herschel and SCUBA-2 deep surveys, the observation of local and intermediate-redshift galaxies, and the study of Galactic star-forming clouds.

CONCERTO is a "fast track" instrument, with only three years for the design, construction and testing. The comissioning in laboratory ended on Feb, the 22nd. With less than 6 weeks delay on the original planning, the shipment of the instrument on the 1rst of March is a tremendous achievement, even more in the actual context. The installation is planned to start on April, the 6th.

CONCERTO is rooted in the synergies of the team spread in four main laboratories, LAM, Institut Néel, LPSC and IPAG, and with a great support from the ESO staff. It is funded by the ERC (grant agreement No 788212) and A*MIDEX, and had early support from the PNCG.


Guilaine Lagache (guilaine.lagache .at.
Alexandre Beelen (alexandre.beelen .at.
Alessandro Monfardini (alessandro.monfardini .at.

View online : CONCERTO web site

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