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 Presentation of the seminars

Seminars at LAM allow to all scientific staff of the laboratory to keep informed about progress that has been made in all domains of astrophysics that are covered by our different teams, but also in external or parallel domains. Researchers from all Europe mostly are invited to come present their work and get known by the french community.
Some seminars are also dedicated to the presentation of a scientific project (space instrument, ground telescope...) and its progress, in order to prepare the community to use tools that will be brought by this project.

Program of the seminars is organized by semester and can be found here. Other presentations at LAM, such as PhD and HDR defences, are listed on the same page. Detail of all these presentations is available on this page.
Programs and abstracts of past years’ seminars can be found in the archives.


Every friday (unless specified) at 11 AM, from september to june.


In LAM’s amphitheatre, directly accessible from the entrance hall. Click here to see how to reach the laboratory.


Some seminars are broadcasted at Recorded seminars are available at


For more information, please contact

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