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 Bases de Données

Exo-Dat has been built to prepare the COROT exoplanet observations and to provide the grounds for the subsequent statistical analyses of the planetary systems the instrument is going to detect. Exo-Dat gathers all the data, different in origin, collected for years to prepare the mission profile. It is the results of the intensive observational efforts made, and foreseen to support the exoplanet program of the space mission COROT. It is used to get the information needed for the on-board photometry, help the light curves analyses and to prepare the foreseen statistical analysis of the properties of the exoplanets to be detected in the COROT exoplanet fields.In production with new graphical interface since 2009. (

The primary goal of extra-solar planet science of the next decade will be a better understanding of the mechanisms of formation and evolution of planetary systems. The fundamental observational parameter is the frequency of planets as a function of mass and separation.In production since 2009. (

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