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 Outils génériques de traitement de données

  • AITAS : système d’archivage et d’indexation de données de test et d’intégration d’instruments(AIT)

AITAS :The aim of AITAS is to automatically archive and index data acquired from an instrument during test and validation phase. AITAS product has been built initially to full the needs of the IRDIS-SPHERE (ESO-VLT) project to archive and organise data during the test phase. We have developed robust and secure tools to retrieve data from the acquisition workstation, build an archive and index data by keywords to provide search functionality among large amount of data. This import of data is done automatically after setting some conguration le. In addition APIs and GUI client have been developed in order to retrieve data from a generic interface and use them in test processing phase. The end user is able to select data and retrieve using any criteria listed in the metadata. One main advantage of this system is that it is intrinsically generic so that it can be used in instrument project in astrophysical laboratories without any further modications

CIGALE means Code Investigating GALaxy Emission. The code has been developed to study the evolution of galaxies by comparing modelled galaxy spectral energy distributions (SEDs) to observed ones from the far ultraviolet to the far infrared.

Le PHARE is a set of fortran commands to compute photometric redshifts and to perform SED fitting. The last version includes new features with FIR fitting and a more complete treatment of physical parameters and uncertainties based on PEGASE and Bruzual & Charlot population synthesis models

A gravitational lensing software for modeling mass distribution of galaxies and clusters (strong and weak regime).

  • PerlTools : Outils de traitements de fichiers FITS ( tables et images ) : The fstream tool is a FITS image truncating tool without using any library. : The fits2fits program is a small tools to the modify a fits file. : The saturation program is a small tools to the treatment of flags in SLOAN Catalogs. : The subfits program make a cutout of a larger fits image using WCS. : The cutlist program is an extension of the sublist program to a list of coordinate. It access a list file to search in the Galex Database all sub-image to get. and : The fcifits read a definition file to cross-idenfiate 2 fits catalog and produce a fits file. fci is as fcifits but produce a csv catalog (usable in a spreadsheet program). : fuvs produces a fits file containing the first next source in a catalog. : create DS9 region files from a fits Catalog with the possibility to produce ellipse. : produce a text file from a fits catalog with the selected columns. : produce a fits from a specialy formatted ascii fits.

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