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This virtual Observatory compliant Exposure Time Calculator has been designed
in order to facilitate the integration of new sites, instruments and sources by the user. It is no more instrument dedicated but is based on generic XML data for multi projects
implementation (EUCLID, EELTs, OPTIMOS) covering a wide wavelength range (from NIR, to UV)

Lenstool is a gravitational lensing software for modeling mass distribution of galaxies and clusters (strong and weak regime).

UNSIO ( U niversal N body S napshot I nput O utput) is an API which perform input/output operations in a generic way, and on different kind of nbody simulation files format (Gadget / Ramses / Nemo ). By using this API (from python / C++ / Fortran ), a user could write only one analysis program which will work on all known files format supported by UNSIO. It’s not necessary anymore to know how is implemented a file format, UNSIO will do transparently and automatically all the hard work for you ! With UNSIO, you will spend less time to develop your analysis program. UNSIO comes with an integrated sqlite3 database which can be used to retrieve automatically all your data among terabytes of hard disks.

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