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Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille (LAM) gathered their forces working in computing for Astrophysics in the Astrophysical Data Center of Marseille (Centre de données Astrophysique de Marseille -CeSAM). CeSAM is developping softwares, WEB based applications, databases, numerical simulations and Image processing modules. The developments are made with respect to the Virtual Observatory standars

CeSAM ingineers are working in close collaboration with the scientists ensuring quick and safe developments.

Cesam is defined to bring man power and computing knowledge to scientists in order to deliver to the astrophysicists and projects tools they do need.


The Data access.
The ANIS tool.

Observing duties (SO5)

You will find here scientific level 3 data and software deliveries (awaiting validation by INSU) :
Galaxy Physical Parameter softwares
ASPIC (Archives Spectroscopiques Intégrées au CeSAM)

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