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 The School

The School will start on Monday, June 2nd at 8:45 and end on Friday, June 6th at 18:30. All the lectures will take place in room Lavande (1st floor).

An informal, get-together dinner will take place on Friday at 20:30 at the restaurant "Le Quinze" (15 rue des trois rois, metro Notre Dame du Mont).

Below you can find a preliminary lecture plan. The schedule is subject to changes according to the interest the participants will manifest towards specific topics and is intentionally left flexible to prioritise discussion.

Most of the software for the hands-on sessions is installed on local workstations that the participants will have access to (see wiki). Details and assistance will be given during the first day. However, we ask the participants to install the visualisation tool Glnemo-2 on their laptops prior to the start of the School.

In addition, an Ethernet port is needed throughout the hands-on sessions and owners of, e.g., MacBook Air laptops are kindly asked to come equipped with a usb-to-ethernet dongle or similar.

PNG - 162.9 ko
The school poster

Programme and lecture slides

PDF - 50.9 ko
School Programme
PDF - 2.8 Mo
Dynamical modelling
(E. Vasiliev)
PDF - 5 Mo
The ABCs of collisionless simulations
(F. Iannuzzi)
PDF - 19.4 Mo
Line-of-sight kinematics
(F. Iannuzzi)
PDF - 11 Mo
(A. Macciò)
PDF - 13.9 Mo
Formation of DM halos
(A. Macciò)
PDF - 3.6 Mo
Hydrodynamical simulations
(A. Macciò)
PDF - 7.6 Mo
Sub-resolution physics
(A. Macciò)
PDF - 2.6 Mo
(J.C. Lambert)
PDF - 7.5 Mo
Decomposing galaxies
(D. Gadotti) Note that the original layout of some slides got modified when producing the pdf file

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