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 DAGAL kick-off meeting

Logistics : Meeting room "Lavande" (1st floor) in the LAM/OAMP building

Location is at 38 rue Frederic Joliot-Curie, 13013 Marseille.
Take the metro to station ’La Rose’, exit as indicated, and
**cross the street** to wait for bus line 1 - exit at ’IMT’.
The OAMP building is the colorful one across a parking lot.
See the plan for bus-line-1.jpg in the portfolio below.

Travel and lodging

Most participants will want to fly to Marseille, and will arrive at
the airport Marseille-Provence. From there there is a shuttle
bus to the central trainstation (Gare St. Charles), which has
also a Metro station. Departure from/to the airport every 20 min.
at hh:10, hh:30 and hh:50. See the plan for the shuttle-mrs.jpg
in the portfolio below.

Hotels can be found at
Please do not wait until the last minute, as you might then be in for
surprises. The best area is around the old port, close to the Metro
Station "Hotel de Ville". This is also the area where restaurants are found.

List of participants :

Agenda (preliminary) :

1. operational details of the running of the contract (Johan)

2. scientific tasks :
we propose per work package
a) description/discussion of the ESR/ER tasks (all nodes)
b) mechanism of secondment in other nodes (all nodes)

3. preliminary discussion on the training schools

4. secondment of the ESR/ER to the private sector

5. further points (to be added)

The meeting will start on Monday 28 May at 09:30, and ends Wednesday 30 May

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