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 Seminars 2020-2021

Seminar schedule for 2020/2021
18 Jun 2021Zoom TBA TBA
11 Jun 2021Zoom TBA TBA
04 Jun 2021Zoom François Boulanger TBA
28 May 2021Zoom TBA TBA
21 May 2021Zoom Armando Gil de Paz MEGARA & TARSIS, from the highest-resolution to the widest-field 2D spectroscopy
16 Apr 2021Zoom Teresa Antoja Recent disturbances in the Milky Way with Gaia DR2 and EDR3
09 Apr 2021Zoom Giovanni Cresci MAVIS : sharper than JWST, deeper than HST
02 Apr 2021Zoom Atsushi Taruya Intrinsic alignment of galaxies as a novel cosmological probe
26 Mar 2021Zoom Nathalie Ysard Dust evolution towards dense interstellar regions
19 Mar 2021Zoom James Owen The origin of close-in exoplanets
12 Mar 2021Zoom Thibaut Paumard GRAVITY+ : Towards Faint Science, All Sky, High Contrast, Milli‑Arcsecond Optical Interferometric Imaging
19 Feb 2021Zoom Christophe Lovis Science with RISTRETTO : combining high contrast and high spectral resolution at the VLT
12 Feb 2021Zoom Laura Kreidberg Hot Takes on Cool Worlds : Exoplanet Atmosphere Characterization in the 2020s
29 Jan 2021Zoom Pavel Kroupa The formation of super massive black holes
22 Jan 2021Zoom Martina Knoop Actions transverses et interdisciplinaires au CNRS
15 Jan 2021Zoom Elsa Huby Latest news from FIRST
18 Dec 2020Zoom Faustine Cantalloube High-contrast imaging of exoplanets and circumstellar disks : from the instrument to the data analysis
11 Dec 2020Zoom Luca Malavolta Detection and characterization with radial velocity
04 Dec 2020Zoom Bernd Sierk ESA’s Earth Observation missions for measuring Greenhouse Gases from space
27 Nov 2020Zoom Ortwin Gerhard Structure and evolution of the Milky Way and nearby disk galaxies
13 Nov 2020Zoom Sergio CristalloCauldrons in the Cosmos
06 Nov 2020Zoom Lori GlazeNASA Planetary Science highlights : current status and future plans
16 Oct 2020Zoom Anne Verhamme Searching for the sources of cosmic reionization
09 Oct 2020Zoom Sean Raymond Solar system formation in the context of Extra-Solar Planets
03 Jul 2020Zoom Jacqueline Hodge A dust-unbiased view of high-redshift star formation

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