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 Séminaires 2016-2017

7 Jul 2017Amphi Julien GirardVLT(I) Adaptive Optics Review : AO science machines from NACO to SPHERE and beyond
30 Jun 2017Amphi Tristan GuillotProbing the interior of Jupiter : First results from Juno
23 Jun 2017Amphi Mark SwinbankThe interaction between star formation and gas dynamics across the last 10-Gyr of cosmic time
16 Jun 2017Amphi Carolina KehrigNebular HeII emission from spatially resolved metal-poor star-forming galaxies
9 Jun 2017Amphi Massimo MeneghettiUnderstanding strong lensing by galaxy clusters with the help of numerical simulations
2 Jun 2017 No Seminar[No Seminar]
26 May 2017 No Seminar[No Seminar]
19 May 2017 No Seminar[No Seminar]
12 May 2017Amphi Pierre-Olivier LagageCharacterization of the atmosphere of exoplanets with the JWST
5 May 2017Amphi David ElbazDo we really know how galaxies formed their stars through cosmic time ?
28 Apr 2017Amphi Matteo VielCosmology with the Lyman-alpha forest : new results
21 Apr 2017 No Seminar[School Holidays]
14 Apr 2017 No Seminar[School Holidays]
7 Apr 2017Amphi Aki RobergeBig Bang to Biosignatures : The LUVOIR Decadal Mission Concept
31 Mar 2017Amphi Edith FalgaroneDissipation of turbulence in the diffuse interstellar medium and high-z starburst galaxies
24 Mar 2017Amphi Hèloïse MeheutProtoplanetary disks dynamics : from local to global approach.
17 Mar 2017Amphi Hugues SanaThe VLT-Flames Tarantula Survey
10 Mar 2017Amphi Vardan AdibekyanFormation and evolution of exoplanets in different environments
3 Mar 2017Amphi Allan Sacha BrunExo-space weather
24 Feb 2017 No Seminar[School Holidays]
17 Feb 2017 No Seminar[School Holidays]
10 Feb 2017Amphi Thierry FoglizzoThe explosion mechanism of core collapse supernovae
3 Feb 2017Amphi Nicole AballeaEgalité professionnelle et parité : le poids de chiffres , le choc des clichés
27 Jan 2017Amphi Ray SharplesRecent results from KMOS
20 Jan 2017Amphi Roger BonnetSpace Science in Europe
13 Jan 2017Amphi Lia Athanassoula Major mergers and disc galaxy formation
6 Jan 2017 No Seminar[No Seminar]
30 Dec 2016No Seminar[Christmas Holidays]
23 Dec 2016No Seminar[Christmas Holidays]
16 Dec 2016Amphi Mark DickinsonNew views of star formation at high redshift
9 Dec 2016AmphiJavier Álvarez-MárquezSoutenance de thèse
9 Dec 2016Amphi Massimo ViolaThe Kilo Degree Survey : cosmological results
5 Dec 2016AmphiBruno RibeiroSoutenance de thèse
2 Dec 2016Amphi Giuliana FiorentinoAccurate Stellar Photometry in Low and Dense Environments
25 Nov 2016Amphi Roberto MaiolinoStellar feedback, AGN-driven outflows and starvation : the multiple routes to quench star formation in galaxies
18 Nov 2016AmphiSamuel QuiretSoutenance de thèse
18 Nov 2016Amphi Guy LibourelFormation of the first solids of our solar system
11 Nov 2016No Seminar[National Holiday]
10 Nov 2016Amphi Claude CarignanHI science with the SKA pathfinders KAT-7 & MeerKAT
4 Nov 2016AmphiDebora PellicciaSoutenance de thèse
4 Nov 2016AmphiTom BroadhurstThree New Lensing Phenomena
3 Nov 2016BibliothèqueNicolas PeschkenSoutenance de thèse
28 Oct 2016Amphi Jose GrohThe surprising look of massive stars before death
21 Oct 2016 No Seminar[School Holidays]
18 Oct 2016AmphiStéphane BlondinSoutenance de HDR
14 Oct 2016Amphi Chiara FerrariLe projet SKA et la coordination SKA-France
7 Oct 2016Amphi Matthew BateUnderstanding the origins of the statistical properties of stellar systems
6 Oct 2016AmphiMichael MarssetSoutenance de thèse
30 Sep 2016AmphiAnne-Thérèse AugerSoutenance de thèse
30 Sep 2016Amphi Michele CirasuoloFrom VLT to E-ELT
23 Sep 2016Amphi Francois RigautA short history of Adaptive Optics
22 Sep 2016AmphiMario BonamigoSoutenance de thèse
16 Sep 2016Amphi Pascal OeschProbing the Dawn of Galaxies
9 Sep 2016 No Seminar[No Seminar]

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