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 Séminaires 2017-2018

Calendrier des Séminaires pour 2017/2018

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  • violet : séminaires grand public (en français)
  • cyan : soutenances de thèse ou de HDR
  • vert : pas de séminaire programmé
29 Jun 2018AmphiEtienne Le CoarerImSPOC : a miniaturized imaging spectrometer at the service of the climate
22 Jun 2018AmphiMargaret FrerkingImaging Exoplanets with the WFIRST Coronagraph Instrument.
15 Jun 2018AmphiElizabeth StanwayUnderstanding Intense Star Formation through Observations and Modelling
8 Jun 2018AmphiMichael GillonThe SPECULOOS transit survey : hunting for red worlds
1 Jun 2018AmphiGeorge EllisOn the philosophy of cosmology
25 Mai 2018AmphiJayne BirkbyNew Frontiers in Exoplanet Characterization
18 Mai 2018AmphiRavit HelledThe fuzziness of Jupiter’s core
11 Mai 2018No seminarNo seminar
4 Mai 2018No seminarSpring holidays
27 Apr 2018No seminarSpring holidays
20 Apr 2018AmphiAnne VerhammeIndirect probes of the escape of ionizing radiation from galaxies to unveil the nature of the sources of Cosmic Reionization
13 Apr 2018AmphiGabriel PrattThe Advanced Telescope for High-Energy Astrophysics
6 Apr 2018AmphiEiichiro KomatsuFinding Cosmic Inflation
30 Mar 2018AmphiPratika DayalThe first billion years of galaxy formation
23 Mar 2018AmphiOlivier WitasseJUICE : A European Mission to Jupiter and its Icy Moons
9 Mar 2018No seminarWinter holidays
2 Mar 2018No seminarWinter holidays
23 Feb 2018AmphiFabrice MadecZoom sur les intégrations et les tests du spectrographe de l’instrument PFS
16 Feb 2018AmphiPhilippe AndreFrom Filamentary Networks to Protostellar Cores in Giant Molecular Clouds : Toward a Unified Picture for Star Formation in Galaxies
9 Feb 2018AmphiFrederique MotteHigh-mass star and cluster formation in the Milky Way : the Herschel/HOBYS, IRAM/W43-HERO and ALMA-IMF view
2 Feb 2018AmphiMichèle PéronDiversité et inclusion en ingénierie et astronomie
26 Jan 2018AmphiLouis le Sergeant d’HendecourtFrom Astrochemistry to Astrobiology : the role of extraterrestrial ices in the build-up of a prebiotic chemistry on telluric planets
19 Jan 2018AmphiDon PollaccoTransit surveys of the past, present and future : the search for Earth 2
12 Jan 2018AmphiBernard MartyCANCELLED
05 Jan 2018No seminarChristmas break
29 Dec 2017No seminarChristmas break
22 Dec 2017No seminarChristmas break
19 Dec 2017AmphiFiras MazyedPhD defence
15 Dec 2017AmphiDaisuke KawataThick and thin disk formation and evolution in the Milky Way
08 Dec 2017AmphiNo seminarCANCELLED
05 Dec 2017AmphiWilfried JahnPhD defence
01 Dec 2017AmphiJoop SchayeSimulating the formation of galaxies
30 Nov 2017AmphiSara PipienPhD defence
30 Nov 2017AmphiPhD day9h—13h
27 Nov 2017AmphiRomain AlataPhD defence
24 Nov 2017AmphiOlivier AbsilFive years of harvest with the vortex coronagraph
17 Nov 2017AmphiMathieu PuechRotating discs vs. mergers at z 1 : is there really a disc survival issue in LCDM ?
10 Nov 2017AmphiJens ChlubaCosmology Beyond Thermal Equilibrium : Future Steps with CMB spectral distortions
03 Nov 2017No seminarFall break
27 Oct 2017AmphiAnaïs BernardPhD defence
27 Oct 2017No seminarFall break
20 Oct 2017AmphiLouis le Sergeant d’HendecourtCANCELLED
13 Oct 2017AmphiCarlos FrenkA conclusive test of Cold Dark Matter
06 Oct 2017AmphiPaolo PadoanSupersonic Turbulence and Star Formation
02 Oct 2017AmphiSara JamalPhD defence
29 Sep 2017No seminar
26 Sep 2017AmphiAnna NiemiecPhD defence
25 Sep 2017AmphiAna AcebronPhD defence
22 Sep 2017No seminar
20 Sep 2017AmphiMiguel FigueiraPhD defence
15 Sep 2017AmphiEric PrietoTests d’intégration de NISP au LAM
11 Sep 2017AmphiOlivier FauvarquePhD defence
08 Sep 2017AmphiRoland BaconThe MUSE Hubble Deep Field Survey

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