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 Talks and conferences

Talks and conferences organized at and outside LAM, team meetings

  • Weekly scientific seminars, on Friday at 11:00 AM, LAM Amphitheatre
  • Café-Club GECO, on Tuesday 13:30, Mistral room at LAM
  • Journal-Club GSP, on Wednesday 13:30, Mistral room at LAM
  • R&D Seminars GRD, on Thursday 14:00, Amphitheatre at LAM
  • International conferences and workshops organized in Marseille and its surroundings by LAM’s scientific and technical teams
  • PhD Students Day, once a year, where PhD students at LAM present their work

Seminar schedule

Schedule for the scientific seminars at LAM for academic year 2020-2021


Abstracts of seminars scheduled during academic year 2017-2018

Café-Club GECO

Informal presentations during coffee time in the GECO group

Journal-Club GSP

Weekly presentations about current work and papers in the GSP group

Séminaires R&D GRD


List of workshops and conferences organized by LAM

PhD Students Day

Yearly event where PhD students at LAM present their work

Past Seminars

Past years seminars archives

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